Botvac D7, the robot vacuum cleaner that maps the house to clean better

The robot made by the company Neato optimizes house cleaning thanks to a special software, plus it connects with voice assistants like Alexa

Let's face it, cleaning the house, especially when you spend all day in the office, is a real hassle. Luckily, new technologies are coming to our rescue. Thanks to robots like the Botvac D7, we no longer have to worry about vacuuming. And the little robot does even more.

Botvac D7 is equipped with special software that enables it to map our entire home to optimise cleaning and avoid wasting energy. The problem with robot vacuum cleaners until now has been that they follow a standard path. Movements that often do not adapt to the structure of our home. With the Botvac D7 this will not happen. Once purchased, the robot will make a reconnaissance tour of the house to record the map and then it will be ready to start cleaning. Thanks to sensors, the robot also remembers where it has already been and where not. So it doesn't do double work and consume more.

The intelligent robot vacuum

Botvac D7 is designed with a square shape and not round, so it can reach even the most hidden corners of the house. In addition, through the application you can manage the cleaning map of the robot. Basically you can set to vacuum only one room or only on a part of the same room. This is very convenient if we have already done the cleaning but we spill something in a certain place. Botvac was developed by an American company called Neato but has an Italian heart. For two reasons, its CEO is Giacomo Marini from Pescara, with a background in Olivetti, while the robot's app development team is based in Milan. Thanks to the app, the robot can also interact with voice assistants for the smart home, such as Amazon's Alexa or Google Assistant. Even remotely, we can instruct the Botvac D7 on what cleaning to do. For example, we can program the vacuum cleaner to start when we leave the house instead of at a specific time. At the moment, the launch price of Botvac D7 is 899 euros.