Broken iPhones? The most curious mishaps of 2016

Damaging the iPhone is one of the most common fears among owners of the Apple smartphone. Here are the most bizarre cases reported by iPhone Clinic centers

The iPhone, even by taking the utmost care and taking the best precautions, can break. It happens. But when the damage is caused in circumstances, to say the least, bizarre or unpredictable, a smile can escape. Obviously not to the owner of the beloved technological asset.

The database of Clinica iPhone centers - franchising that as the name suggests deals with cell phone repair - is full of situations bordering on the incredible. The technicians have decided to draw up a ranking of the mishaps that have happened to iPhones over the past year. The "improbable breakages", those that when you hear them you feel like "what a jinx", represent only 1% of the total. There's the case of the child who bites the iPhone, that unfortunate gap between the landing and the elevator, the peck of a curious and mischievous parrot, the iPhone that falls and breaks in the coffin while the last photo was taken of a deceased.

Iphone screen breakage

In 2016 - according to the iPhone Clinic centers - there were 83,674 screen breakages of Apple smartphones and, in 70% of cases, the cause is due to carelessness, inattention, distraction of the owner, while "bad luck" is the protagonist in the remaining 30% of situations. And it is precisely in the breakages due to "destiny" that we find the most curious episodes. Like the 10% of iPhones that fly off the balcony, or the 4% that fall down the stairwell or, doing the same end, ends up with pinpoint accuracy in that damned crack between the landing and the elevator. You're looking for your keys, or for the burglar alarm, or your phone rings and the iPhone pops out of your bag and bad luck does the rest.

iPhone crushed

You wait, wait and wait for that bus that never passes, then when it arrives, it reduces the iPhone to a thin slice. This is the end that does - according to the Clinic - 7% of Apple's smartphones: crushed under the wheels. Then there are those who, despite the ban, continue to use their cell phones in the car. Do you want the death of a few iPhones, more than a few because it is 8%, is not caused by the closure of the car doors? End by crushing.

iPhone in water

Did you know, finally, that there were 1,243 devices damaged by liquids last year? 70% regularly ends up in the toilet, while 20% risk their lives as a result of abundant watering of wine, sparkling wine or beer. Could a good washing machine wash (3%) have been missing? Of course not. Or a dip in the pool or the sea (7%)? Not a chance.