Busuu, the language learning app where the student becomes the teacher

Busuu is an app for learning foreign languages. There are 12 languages available including English, Chinese, Japanese and Arabic. How it works

It's not the classic application where you learn a language by completing grammar exercises or translating short texts. On the contrary. To call it an application may even be reductive. With 90 million registered users, it can be considered a social network dedicated to language learning. What are we talking about? Busuu, a service born in 2008 and that in ten years has become one of the most popular online language learning services.

Busuu offers learning courses for 12 languages: in addition to Italian, there are English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Polish, Russian and Turkish. For each language there are lessons created by Busuu's language experts that start from level A1 and go up to B2. In the Premium version for a fee it is possible to take advanced lessons and prepare to obtain the McGraw-Hill Education certificate that can also be used in the workplace and added to the curriculum.

So far it seems to be the classic application to learn a foreign language. But Busuu also offers some very special features. Users can talk to each other and organize video calls to practice. Each person who registers on Busuu is not only a student, but also becomes a tutor in their native language and can help other users by correcting their exercises and organizing video calls.

What is Busuu

Busuu is an online platform that helps people learn new languages thanks to exercises made by professional educators. Registration on Busuu is free and you have access to about 1000 lessons that allow you to practice every aspect of the language: writing, reading, listening and speaking. The exercises are corrected by native tutors in just a few minutes so you get immediate feedback.

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To use Busuu there are two options: use the platform from your computer, or download the app from the Google Play Store or App Store. After installing Busuu on your device, you'll have to subscribe to the service and select the language you want to learn. The application also offers you the possibility of choosing the level from which you want to start. The exercises on Busuu allow you to reach the advanced B2 Medium level and achieve the McGraw-Hill Education certification.

Busuu is a free platform, but there is also a paid Premium version that allows you to access special features: grammar lessons, Offline Mode, McGraw-Hill Education certificates or the Adaptive Vocabulary Review service. With the offline mode, it is possible to practice on the smartphone even without being connected to the Net.

Busuu, the student becomes a teacher

One of the peculiarities of Busuu is the possibility of talking with users registered on the platform. Each student is at the same time a tutor of their native language and can correct the exercises of other users providing immediate feedback. Busuu also offers the possibility of organizing video calls and practice with native speakers. Interculturality and knowledge of new cultures is certainly one of the peculiarities of Busuu. And this is testified by the more than 90 million registered users.