Cabana, the videochat for commenting on YouTube videos with friends

Created by Tumblr, Cabaa allows you to watch a YouTube video with six contacts in real time. Currently available only for iOS

Would you like to watch a YouTube video with your friend without being forced to sit next to each other? Then download Cabana, Tumblr's new application. With Cabana you will be able to watch and comment on a YouTube video at the same time with multiple contacts.

If you think that the application has something to do with the microblogging platform you are very wrong. Cabana in fact is a standalone program, or standalone to use a technicality. Starting from the graphics that, compared to Tumblr, is completely different. And that's not all. In addition to the operation and design, between the two applications you can not even share the same friends, who must be added from scratch. In short, Cabana is an application that brings only the signature of Tumblr. From what we can guess, the application that allows you to watch a video in the company at the moment is only available for iOS.

How Cabana works

Now let's see in detail how Cabana works. Cabana is an application made by the US company that allows you to watch the same video with your friends. The images can be commented live in the video chat. Once chosen, the video will appear on the top of the display of the mobile device used. The remaining part of the screen will be occupied by the live images of the contacts who took part in the video sharing. Cabana allows you to watch the clip with up to six friends, each of whom can enjoy watching the reaction of others in real time.