Cable-free TV: Samsung patents the future

Here comes the cable-free TV manufactured by Samsung. The Korean company has filed a patent and is preparing to revolutionize the future. Read what's happening

Imagine a world where TVs could operate without cables: there would certainly be more order, organization and freedom. Screens could be moved from room to room, without the need to install them near an outlet. Samsung is working to turn this dream into reality, and with the new cable-free TV is preparing to patent the future.

The Korean company is designing a system to power televisions through electromagnetic induction, the same principle of operation of wireless networks. The confirmation is given by the patent filed by Samsung at the World Intellectual Property Office. The new system would be able to integrate in the TV a transceiver that would be powered remotely through a receiver attached to the socket. The patent alludes to two large coils necessary to make the energy charge effective.

How will the wireless TV designed by Samsung work

The Korean company does not reveal all its cards yet, but several sources reveal the existence of a project well underway related to the production of wireless TV. The rumors are corroborated by the patent filed by the company in 2018 at the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) that would allow televisions to operate thanks to wireless power. The system would include a transceiver integrated to the TV and a receiver to be connected to the power outlet.

The transceiver would have to be placed at the back of the screen. To avoid excessive thickness of the device, a coil in the form of a thin bar to be inserted horizontally behind the device would be in the works. This sensor will be magnetic and will have a slot for the insertion of the coil that will be used to power the TV.

The Samsung wireless TV will work thanks to an external receiver

There will then be a wireless receiver that will have a double coil and will power the TV thanks to electromagnetic induction. It will work just like a wi-fi modem generating a system of magnetic forces to and from the device to be operated. It will probably have the shape of a soundbar and can be placed at a certain distance from the TV, although there are no details on this point. In short, the Korean company after the announcement of foldable smartphones is preparing to revolutionize the TV market.

We do not yet know when the revolutionary Samsung wireless TV will be launched on the market, but certainly it will take several months to test and prove it. Many are hoping to preview it in 2020.