Call centers, here comes the AGCOM tool to defend against scams

The Authority for Guarantees in Communications has created a new tool on its site that allows us to find out the information of call centers

The Authority for Guarantees in Communications, better known in Italy as AGCOM, has created a new tool to help consumers defend against telephone scams. Thanks to this new solution we will be able to know all the information about the call center that is contacting us.

The AGCOM tool against telephone scams is available through an Internet page inside the site of the same Authority for Communications. On this portal we will be able to navigate inside the Register of Communication Operators (ROC), which is a public list that collects all the companies operating in Italy that carry out the activity of call center. Thanks to this page we will be able to know what a particular call center sells, what feedback it has and where it contacts us from. In this way we can find out while we are on the phone with the operator if it is an attempt to cheat us or not.

How to find out if the call center is trying to cheat us

How does the new AGCOM tool against phone scams works? Really very simple: once we receive a call from a seller on the phone we just have to go to this site: Here we will find a small search bar where we can enter the number of the call center that called us. Once we press send, the tool will provide us with a whole series of information related to the company that contacted us. In this way we'll know if they are lying to us and if they are pretending to be another company to deceive us. Obviously to have a complete feedback the call center that calls us must be operating in Italy, otherwise we will not have news about it.

Make a search with this new tool AGCOM as seen is really simple, just copy and paste the number that is calling us continuously to try to sell us something on the site of the Authority for Guarantees in Communications. A gesture that takes really a few seconds but that could prevent us from falling into a phone trap.