Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare hard punch against cheaters

Infinity Ward has decided to declare war on cheaters, creating a sort of circle of Dante in which they face each other

On Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Call of Duty: Warzone (the free spin-off dedicated to Battle Royale) has sparked a new war. But it's not a battle between two enemy teams, but the war declared by Infinity Ward and Activision, the software houses that developed the game, against the so-called "cheaters", ie cheaters who use unfair practices (usually ad hoc programs) to play and win. An example? Seeing through walls, shooting through walls, automatic aiming that allows you to take a "head shot", i.e. a fatal head shot.

Cheaters are a real nightmare, especially on the PC version of Call of Duty: Warzone. Since the game is free, users don't care about being banned, as they can create a new account in seconds. For this reason, the developers at Infinity Ward have decided that if multiplayer is to be hell, then hell it is, thus enforcing the law of opprobrium so dear to Dante Alighieri: the "cheater" will be given a penalty equal or similar to the damage they have done. What is the penalty? The cheaters will be able to play only against other cheaters, in a sort of Dante's circle 2.0.

A problem much felt that the cheater and that has long plagued the online game, so that PS4 and Xbox One users, to take action, have decided to protect themselves by disabling the cross-play function. An extreme solution, almost on the edge of despair because this operation determines a significant increase in the time required for the creation and start of a game, affecting the direct experience of multiplayer.

How to fight cheaters on Call of Duty: Warzone

After numerous complaints addressed to the Californian development house, Infinity Ward had communicated to its users that it had taken charge of the issue to solve it once and for all. And the answer was not long in coming, with the adoption of a decision defined as historic for the world of video games. Infinity Ward has decided to play hard by devising a punishment never seen before in the world of video games: gamers suspected of being "cheaters" will be promptly isolated and forced to play against each other.

With a post published on Twitter, the U.S. production house has informed its fans the news. Starting this week, Modern Warfare and Warzone players who report a suspected cheater to Infinity Ward will receive a notification when the offending user is banned.

The company will continue its efforts to combat and contain the phenomenon of "cheaters" and, very soon, it will be possible to make reports directly from Killcam and Spectator Mode. Who knows if the measures taken by the famous study will have luck, after all, apart from the problems related to "cheaters", the two titles of the saga are having a huge success: if Modern Warfare stands out for the huge receipts marked from its launch, Warzone could begin to undermine the dominance of Fortnite thanks to its 50 million players collected only during the first month.