Camera Café arrives on Amazon Prime Video: how to watch it for free

The first four seasons of the popular Italian sitcom Camera Café lands on Amazon Prime Video streaming: here's how to watch them for free

The adventures of Luca, Paolo and their office colleagues in front of the coffee machine also arrive on streaming. The first four seasons of the Italian sitcom Camera Café aired between 2003 and 2008 will finally be able to see their favorite episodes.

Fans of the company with the mysterious name, and never mentioned during all the seasons, are ready to watch again the adventures of the protagonists Luca Nervi and Paolo Bitta, along with cult characters such as Silvano, Patti and the tyrant director De Marinis. After being removed from the catalog of RaiPlay, finding the old episodes of the sitcom has become complicated for viewers. Starting October 1, however, the first 4 seasons of Camera Café arrive on Amazon's Prime Video, while the fifth season is available on Mediaset Play. In addition, those who want to see the first seasons of the sitcom, will be able to take advantage of the 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to see them for free in streaming.

Watch Camera Café in streaming for free: subscribe to Amazon Prime Video

Camera Café: plot and characters

The sitcom tells the story of two friends and colleagues Luca Nervi and Paolo Bitta, played respectively by Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu, who work in an unspecified company and meet in front of the coffee machine. The point of view is always and only one, as one is the framing: the camera points to the lobby of the company and the corner of the cafe where the employees meet for a break, giving rise to funny gags.

Luca is the union leader of the company, while Paolo is the head of the sales office, who enjoy making fun of their colleagues. In particular, the secretary Patti and the clumsy and mammy accountant Silvano Rogi. In charge of everyone is the tyrant director, Augusto De Marinis, who fears only one person: the president, who never appeared in any of the seasons.

Among the other characters there are Anna Murazzi, the director's secretary and separated mother, the IT manager Olmo Ghesizzi, the rebellious secretary Alessandra Costa, called Alex and Luca's girlfriend, the delivery boy Pippo and the old intern Wanda. Do not miss the beautiful receptionist Giovanna and the "batterer" Andrea. And again Ilaria, Gaia and Jessica: the three managers at the service of De Marinis.

Camera Cafè: the other famous protagonists

There was no lack of famous actors playing funny characters: Claudia Gerini as Titti, Patti's sister, Luciana Littizzetto as Chiara, De Marinis' daughter, singer Massimo Ranieri as Anselmo, a middle-aged office worker, Carla Signoris as the business psychologist Nadia and even the band of Pooh, of whom Paolo is a huge fan, who play themselves.

Camera Café: when and where to watch it for free

The first four seasons of Camera Café are available on Amazon Prime Video starting October 1, 2021. In order to stream the sitcom you need to be subscribed to the Prime service.

There is a way to watch your favorite TV series and many others for free: subscribe to the Prime program and enjoy the 30-day free trial of the service.

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