CampStove, the camping stove that recharges smartphones

The company BioLite has created CampStove, a stove with battery and LED lights that uses the energy of fire to quickly recharge smartphones

Camping is beautiful: nature, tranquility and peace. Nowadays, however, almost no one can last more than a couple of hours without a smartphone. And that's why CampStove 2 was born, the camping stove with a built-in charger to be able to recharge your phone at any time.

This is the evolution of the CampStove stove, winner in the past of several awards as the best product for camping. The manufacturer is BioLite. The accessory includes  a battery for charging smartphones and LED lights that inform the user on the charging status and operation of other features. Of course, in addition to charging the smartphone, it does its job very well. It cooks, boils water and you can use it with a grill on top. The real novelty, however, is its ability to transform the energy of the fire into electricity.

Features CampStove

On board we find a 2600mAh battery, and a smartphone can be charged even while the fire is lit in the stove. The developers assure that the charging power will be 50% higher than that of a normal portable charger precisely because it uses the energy generated by the fire. Inside the stove also has a system of fans to make it easy to light the fire, even for the less experienced. Of course someone could turn up their nose at leaving their phone so close to the flames, but BioLite ensure maximum safety. If you love camping and this seems like the accessory of the year, know that you'll have to shell out about 120 euros to get it.