Can a smartphone be used while charging?

Nothing prohibits you from using your smartphone while charging the battery. The dangers of it exploding are minimal, you just have to be careful that it doesn't overheat

"Don't use your smartphone while it's charging, it can explode in your hand." "Put the smartphone down, can't you see it's charging? It's dangerous to use it." At least once in our lives we have heard one of these phrases that warn us of the danger of using the phone while the battery was charging. The risk is that the device will explode in our hands. But how much truth is there in this assumption? Little, very little. There is nothing that forbids to use a smartphone while it is charging.

The chances of a smartphone exploding are minimal and if it happens, the blame is not on the fact that the device was connected to the charger. There have been cases in the recent past of devices catching fire while being charged, but it's not because the device was plugged in but because of construction problems or hardware malfunctions.

When a smartphone can explode

It's not out of the question that the phone can explode. But the chances are really minimal. As said, the fault is not the fact that the smartphone is charging, but defective hardware components that overheat and catch fire (in most cases the battery). And it is precisely the high temperatures reached by the smartphone that are an alarm bell to keep under control. If your device is charging and the case is glowing, you should unplug the charger immediately and take the device in for service. It could be that the battery is defective and could explode at any time. In case the temperature of the device remains within standard parameters, we can use the smartphone while it is charging without any fear.