Cashback 2021: quali rimborsi slittano a novembre

Il nuovo decreto lavoro del governo Draghi del 30 giugno 2021 cambia le regole del Cashback: ecco tutte le novità sui rimborsi


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La sospensione del programma Cashback 2021 era nell’aria del governo Draghi ed è arrivata nel decreto Lavoro del 30 giugno 2021. A six-month suspension, for now, of the initiative wanted by Conte for the Cashless Italy Plan and above all a postponement for the crediting of refunds.

For those who were waiting for the payments of the 150 euros accumulated with the more than 50 transactions valid for digital payments by August 31, there is good news: they are confirmed layers. The discourse is different for the Super Cashback: the refunds slip to next November 30. You will have to wait at least 5 months to see the extra bonus money credited. In addition, the government has also confirmed that the funds allocated for the program are limited and that they may have to redistribute the money among those eligible. Result. You will not receive €150 and €1500, but most likely a lower amount that will have to be reproportioned.

Cashback and Super Cashback: why they slip the refunds

Cashback is the program wanted by the Conte government to stimulate citizens to use digital payments, favoring payment cards and apps, and fight tax evasion. Those who have made between January 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021 at least 50 valid transactions will see a refund of 10% of the amounts paid and with a maximum limit of 150 euros. Super Cashback, on the other hand, is the extra 1500 euro bonus for the first 100,000 most active users in the ranking of the number of transactions.

With the conclusion on June 30 of the first semester of Cashback, the toto-date for the arrival of refunds has been triggered. According to the initial rules, they should have arrived within 60 days, i.e. by the end of August. The Draghi government with the decree n. 99 of June 30, 2021 changes the cards on the table, but only for the Super Cashback.

As specified also on the official website of the app IO, refunds of 150 euros of Cashback will arrive within 60 days, so by August 31. As for the Super Cashback, however, there is slippage: they will arrive by November 30, 2021. The reason? The reimbursements will be issued after a final ranking will be drawn up that also includes the decisions of Consap on complaints by users.

Cashback and Super Cashback: cancellation or only suspension?

Many are now wondering whether the government's is only a suspension or a final cancellation. The answer is that it is not known. The decree states that the Cashback and Super Cashback program is suspended for the second semester, i.e. from July 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021, in order to reallocate the fund of 1,497.75 million euros to finance reform measures in the field of social shock absorbers.

As for the third semester, which will start on January 1, 2022 and end on June 30, 2022, it will probably be decided in a few months if other funds will be allocated to restart, or if it will be permanently eliminated. In the meantime, all that's left to do is wait for the refund due, even though it may be less than hoped for. The funds allocated for Cashback and Super Cashback may not be enough to cover the refunds for the 8.9 million citizens who have joined the initiative, and there will probably be recalculations.