Cashback also sends Hype into a tailspin

Hype now lets you join State Cashback, without SPID and without IO. But there's no shortage of problems with this payment card either.

While millions of Italians tried, unsuccessfully, to troubleshoot the IO app to get State Cashback a silent minority stood by and watched: holders of a Hype card, one of three payment methods to get cashback without SPID and without an IO app.

But fate was mocking them as well: at dinnertime, Hype card holders received the long-awaited message: you can now sign up for cashback from the card app, just update it. After the update, however, disaster struck: the app wouldn't start, crashing when you logged in. The problem is repeated both when trying to do biometric recognition and when opting to log in with the traditional password. The result is identical: a huge white X on a red background and a message saying "Attention, login in app failed, we apologize for the inconvenience. Try again later".

Hype Cashback: the damage and the mockery

The problem for Hype cardholders, then, is twofold and much more serious than what IO users are experiencing: not even being able to access the app, in fact, none of its functions can be used.

It is not possible to access the account, make movements, open the currency wallet. None of this is possible since the app has been updated to join State Cashback.

Hype Cashback: some have succeeded

The situation at the moment is very fluid and someone has managed to access the app. We managed to access the app ourselves after many attempts: the app is very slow and you can tell something is wrong. Non è da escludere che ci sia un nuovo aggiornamento dell’app a breve.

Quando si riesce ad aprire l’app, però, all’interno della già esistente sezione Cashback appare ora “Cashback di Stato“. Dopo aver accettato termini e condizioni compaiono il toggle per collegare la propria carta al Cashback di Stato.

Purtroppo, però, la maggior parte dei tentativi porta solo ad un messaggio di errore: “Ops, qualcosa è andato storto! A causa delle numerose richieste, ci sono dei rallentamenti nella registrazione della carta non dovuti ad Hype. Per favore, riprova più tardi“. Errore simile anche quando si tenta di collegare l’IBAN al programma Cashback.