Cashback, from today stop to complaints: what happens now

Stop to refunds for cashback: what happens now

August 30 is an important day for those who participated in the State Cashback program: in fact, officially expired the deadline to appeal to Consap in case of transactions not counted, counted and then reversed for suspected behavior "smart", or counted with the wrong amount of reimbursement.

This means that any complaint sent to Consap starting from today will be automatically trashed and will not even be taken into consideration. Thus officially closes, at least for the participants in the initiative, the first and perhaps only semester of the State Cashback and closes with the disbursement of over 6 million refunds, for a maximum of 150 euros each. Just today, in fact, the terms for sending the subsidies expire: more can be sent in the coming days only in case of appeal sent by the user and accepted by Consap, if thanks to the transactions reintegrated the user reaches the minimum threshold of 50 purchases with electronic payment necessary to unlock the refund. Closed this phase, it opens an even more problematic one: the one that will lead to the closure of the final ranking of the Super Cashback of 1,500 euros.

Cashback complaints: what happens now

Consap will have 60 days to evaluate the appeal submitted by the user, through the appropriate web portal created by hoc, and decide whether to accept or reject it. In the first case will be returned to the user the missing transactions, or will be corrected the amount of the incorrect refund. In the second case nothing will change and the number of transactions, as well as the refund amount accrued, will remain the same.

August 30 is the last day to make the refund transfers: in fact, the decree of June 30, 2021 provides that the payments are all sent within 60 days from the end of the first semester (i.e. 60 days from June 30). This does not mean, however, that all refunds will arrive by today: each bank has different crediting times, so it is also possible that a refund transfer sent on Friday, August 27, or even today, will be posted to your account in a few days.

Super Cashback ranking: the real problem

The ordinary State Cashback was a horizontal measure, the same for everyone, in which anyone could participate without changing too much his daily habits: it was enough to replace cash with card and you could easily reach 50 transactions in a semester.

Well different is the issue, instead, if we talk about Super Cashback: in this case it was a real competition between users, therefore a game with prizes with winners and losers. And many people pushed the interpretation of the rules to the limit, using their imagination and, at times, cunning.

The result was the well-known problems, such as the flurry of fuel refills of a few cents each just to add transactions to the account on the IO app. Many of these suspicious transactions were blocked and reversed, causing some users to drop in the rankings.

Users who, punctually, complained to Consap. So, it's not at all out of the question that we won't see the final Super Cashback rankings until Consap finishes processing all complaints, i.e. within the next 60 days.