Cashback: how to get cashback even for contactless payments

Some ATM cards don't allow you to get cashback if used in contactless mode: it's a limitation of the IO app but there's a pretty simple solution.

Having almost completely solved the problems of registering and enabling payment cards on the IO app, in order to get Christmas cashback, now another problem pops up: users have noticed that when using a Bancomat card regularly registered on the app, with the automatic proceure that passes by the insertion of your tax code, purchases are not always counted.

In particular, it happens that if you pay by inserting the card in the POS and typing the code, the transaction is acquired by the system and counted for cashback purposes, while if you pay in contactless mode, that is, by bringing the card close to the reader without inserting it, the purchase is not counted. Il problema è frequente e si ripete sempre allo stesso modo, cosa che ha costretto PagoPA, la società pubblica che gestisce l’app IO e quindi gran parte dell’operazione Cashback, a rilasciare un comunicato stampa in cui spiega il perché di questo errore. Un comunicato dal quale si capisce anche come risolvere il problema.

Perché il Bancomat non da il cashback

Secondo PagoPA se le transazioni con pagamento contactless non vengono acquisite non dipende né dalla tecnologia contactless in sé, né dall’eventuale uso di un circuito nazionale o internazionale.

Il problema dipende dal fatto che ci sono alcune carte “co-badge" che possono funzionare su due circuiti diversi. Nello specifico sul doppio circuito PagoBANCOMAT/Maestro e PagoBANCOMAT/V-Pay.

Queste carte sono tra quelle abilitate al cashback, ma bisogna fare attenzione a come si usano perché ad ogni carta sono associati due codici PAN (cioè due numeri della carta): uno viene usato nelle transazioni su circuito PagoBancomat, l’altro sul circuito Maestro o V-Pay.

Come abilitare al cashback le carte co-badge

Secondo quanto spiega PagoPA chi ha una carta co-badge (le si riconosce dala presenza dei due loghi dei circuiti, al posto di un logo solo) deve registrare la carta nella sezione Portafoglio dell’app IO sia come carta PagoBancomat che come “carta di credito, debito o prepagata“.

In the absence of this double registration, in fact, it could happen that paying in contactless mode the POS finalizes the transaction passing not from the Bancomat circuit (for which the card is registered on IO) but from the other (for which the card is not registered).

In practice, if the POS used takes the unregistered PAN, the transaction is not counted for cashback purposes.

How to register the second PAN on IO

The solution to the problem of non-tracking on IO of purchases made with contactless ATMs, therefore, consists in registering the ATM twice: the first time with the guided procedure for ATMs, the second time with the manual procedure for credit cards.

The second registration involves entering the card number and the security code. The confirmation of the successful registration is the charge of a few cents on the card, which will be reversed after a few days.

In order for the co-badge ATM card to be registered with this second procedure, however, it must be enabled for electronic payments. Almost all of them are, but if the procedure does not work, it means that the card is not enabled. In this case, you'll need to contact the card issuer to get it enabled for electronic payments.

PagoPA also promises an IO update by January 2021 that will allow the app to automatically recognize the two PANs of co-badge cards, saving the user this inconvenient rigmarole.