Cashback, last day: what to do if there are no transactions

Last day to make the complaint to Consap for Cashback transactions not counted: here's how to do it and what you can challenge

Today, August 29, is the deadline to submit the appeal to Consap in case of missing transactions useful for the purposes of the State Cashback.

Today marks the end of the first phase of the first semester (probably the only one) of ordinary Cashback, which will be followed by the more delicate one of the officialization of the final classification of the Super Cashback: the first one hundred thousand will be entitled to the super refund of 1,500 euros and, as we know, many of them have implemented tactics to say the least "cunning" to achieve the goal. But today the focus is all on refunds of up to 150 euros, which are due to all those who have made at least valid transactions in the first six months of 2021. Most of these users of the program have already received the amount due to them, someone is still waiting. Those who didn't reach the 50-transaction threshold because they had a few transactions canceled have until today to make a claim. Here's how.

How to make a Cashback claim

Consap is the public company in charge of receiving and processing Cashback claims. It will take into account only the complaints made through the appropriate Web portal so it is useless to send emails or messages through the app IO.

To access the portal you must register by providing name, surname and email address that, of course, must be true.

What happens after the complaint

Those who intend to make a complaint for transactions not counted, or counted with the wrong amount, do not hope to get an immediate response: Consap is required to respond to the complaint within 30 days of its receipt.

We remind you, finally, that it is not possible to dispute your temporary position within the national ranking of Super Cashback.