Cashback, late transfer: no complaint possible

Not all the transfers for the State Cashback refunds have arrived and someone is blowing on the fire by talking about complaints, but things are very different: here's what you need to know

Since August 12, i.e., about two weeks ago, the public company Consap Spa, which reports to the Ministry of Finance, has begun disbursing transfers for cashback refunds accumulated by program users who made at least 50 valid transactions throughout the first half of 2021.

As is well known, not everyone has yet received what is due, and as the deadline for payments approaches (60 days from the end of June, then end of August) some are getting worried and fearful of not receiving the transfer. This has created a lot of confusion among the groups of "cashbackers" born on social networks, Facebook in particular, and this confusion has been amplified by several articles reporting incorrect, if not false and biased news. Articles in which there is talk of a claim to be made to obtain the reimbursement accrued, but not yet disbursed by Consap. Nothing could be more wrong: there is no claim to make in order to obtain the transfer from Consap.

Cashback: what is the use of making an appeal

The news is biased because, indeed, there is an official claim procedure. But it has a completely different purpose: it is possible to appeal only if the number of transactions counted, and/or the refund amount, are not correct.

For example: if we are sure that we have made 100 valid transactions, but we see only 90 counted, then we can appeal to try to recover the remaining 10. Or: if we are sure that we have accrued 150 euros of refund, but we see only 140 euros counted in the IO app, then we can appeal.

The appeal can also be made if the missing transactions prevent us from reaching the minimum number of valid purchases to unlock the cashback, that is 50: if we are sure to have made 55 (and therefore to take the Cashback) but we see counted 45 (and therefore officially we are not entitled to Cashbakc), then we can appeal.

If, on the contrary, both the transactions and the amount are correct but the transfer has not arrived yet, it is absolutely useless to appeal: it will be ignored by Consap.

What to do if the Cashback does not arrive

But, at this point, what should we do if the Cashback transfer has not arrived yet? Answer: nothing. Absolutely nothing, because if it has not arrived yet it means that it will arrive soon. On the other hand, there are more than 6 million transfers to be made, so it takes time to make them all.

The only thing to do that really makes sense, in these cases, is to check the IBAN indicated in the IO app: it's the one that will be used by Consap to make the transfer, so if we entered it wrong, the refund will never arrive.