Cashback, the transfer has arrived: here’s to whom

The Government keeps its promises: as required by the decree of June 30, 2021 the first refunds of the State Cashback have already been sent and received.

This morning some Italians woke up with a nice surprise: they are the first users of the State Cashback program who have received the transfer with the refund, up to 150 euros, for having made at least 50 valid transactions with electronic payment methods. Other users have received the transfer already yesterday evening.

The procedure of disbursement of the State Cashback, therefore, proceeds according to schedule. We had already explained that the refunds would arrive within 60 days from the closure of the first period of Cashback, as provided by the decree, and we had assumed that the first ones would arrive at the turn of the August holidays. We were not wrong: the disbursement has begun and it will take presumably a couple of weeks to send all the transfers, since the users who are entitled to reimbursement are 6,120,038. The question everyone is asking at the moment, rather, is who will be paid first and who later. The hypotheses are different.

Cashback: the transfer

The various social groups dedicated to Cashback and Super Cashback from a few hours are full of screenshots: they are the screens of the app banks of users, which show the incoming transfer from Consap (the public company which has been entrusted with the task of liquidating the premiums).

The reason is always the same: "State Cashback - from 01/01/2021 to 30/06/2021". The amount instead varies, according to how much the user has accrued, but very often it is the maximum foreseen for the semester (or comes close to it): 150 euros.

Cashback: who gets paid first

A little controversy has already started among the users of the state reimbursement program: what is the criterion used to pay out the transfers? Who gets paid first?

Some users have advanced the hypothesis that the first to be paid will be those who first reached the threshold of 50 valid transactions, but it is a hypothesis that we can deny with certainty: on one of the test accounts we use for Cashback the transfer has already arrived, despite the threshold of 50 transactions was (deliberately) reached at the end of June, a few days before the end of the semester.

Another hypothesis is that the payments are totally random: there is no order. Another hypothesis is the alphabetical order of the user's surname.

Finally, there is also the possibility that, with the same date of sending of the transfer by Consap, some users will receive the money after the others: every bank has different times of credit transfers and it is plausible that in this moment some banks are overloaded with incoming operations.

In short, there are many variables and there is no real answer to the question of who will receive the money before and who after. But little does it change: refunds are coming in for everyone, and within a couple of weeks the transactions will be over. What will happen to the Cashback program, however, no one knows yet.