Cashback: up to 150 euro bonus for electronic payments

The cashback plan of the Government is about to become reality: it starts in December with a first test phase, here's how it works

After the ok received from the Privacy Guarantor takes shape day by day the implementing decree that will introduce the "cashback plan" that provides a bonus of 150 euros on electronic payments up to 1,500 euros made via ATM or credit card. It starts in December, so as to test the system during the pre-Christmas shopping period.

The plan is quite articulated and provides an automatic bonus, for all, a "superbonus", for the 100,000 Italians who will use more methods of electronic payment and, finally, the lottery of receipts that will arrive but in January. In order to obtain the cashback, it will be necessary to register and reimbursements will be made directly to the current account, in six-monthly tranches, and will not be paid through vouchers. The program will only come to life in 2021, but December 2020 will be dedicated to the first tests to fine-tune the system.

Cashback electronic payments: the December test

Let's start from the Christmas 2020 test. Only individuals will be able to participate, with their personal cards, who will have to make at least 10 transactions of an amount not exceeding 150 euros. Registration is required through the IO app of the Public Administration.

In this experimental phase you can then get a refund equal to 10% of the total, which as it is easy to calculate will not be able to exceed 1,500 of expenditure (so 150 euros of reimbursement). Are counted for the purposes of the bonus cashback payments made with credit and debit cards, even those used through systems such as Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay, but not through online transfers. Refunds from this first phase should arrive as early as February 2021.

Cashback electronic payments: the second phase

If the December test is successful, then we will move on to the actual operational phase. At least 50 operations per semester will be required, always for a maximum of 1,500 euros of expenditure and 150 euros of cashback (which then become 300 in a year, for 100 minimum operations).

The refunds will also be six-monthly: July 2021, December 2021 and July 2022. It should be noted, however, that payments will have to be electronic but will be made at physical stores: purchases made online are excluded from the cashback.

Cashback electronic payments: the super bonus from 3,000 euros

The maximum ceiling of 150 euros of expenditure is accompanied by the prohibition of splitting into small payments a single purchase of greater amount. The measure has a very clear purpose: to encourage the use of electronic money in retail purchases, even those of small value.

In the same direction also goes the so-called "super bonus", which consists of an additional bonus of 3,000 euros that the state will assign to 100 thousand citizens who have made more purchases with cards in a year. For the purposes of the super bonus, however, it is not so much the amount spent that counts, but the dry number of "swipes": the higher it is, the greater the chances of winning.

How to register for cashback

To sign up for the cashback program, you must first download the PA IO app, and then enter your tax code, the cards to be associated and the IBAN on which we want to receive refunds.