Cashback: what changes in August

After the final rush of June, with the race to Super Cashback, and the silence of July, we entered the month of pay: here's when the 150 euros arrive and when, instead, the 1.500

Although the Cashback program was suspended by the Draghi government at the end of June, including the attached Super Cashback, and the next useful period to accumulate refunds should (assuming the Cashback is not cancelled altogether) begin on January 1, 2022, hundreds of thousands of Italians still talk a lot about this measure and the reason is simple: the refunds have not yet arrived.

The almost total silence of the Government, PagoPa and IO (excluding messages in the app) has in fact been counterbalanced throughout July by a heated debate on the social groups of "cashbackers" who, in chorus, are all asking: when will the refunds arrive? After much effort, and not without regrets, the first 100,000 who have made at least 787 transactions have not yet received anything. As nothing has been received by those who have not pursued the ranking to the sound of microtransactions, but has been content to make the 50 purchases that were needed to unlock the ordinary Cashback.

Cashback: the month of refunds

The month of August will be the decisive one, at least as far as the first payments are concerned. That is, those of the refunds from 150 euros maximum, related only to Cashback. As required by current regulations, in fact, payments will arrive within 60 days from the end of the Cashback period. In this case, the first period, the one that ended on June 30.

So, after a quick calculation, the money will arrive on the account indicated through the IO app on August 29 at the latest. But that doesn't mean it will arrive to everyone that day, nor does it mean it will arrive to everyone on the same day. The people entitled to the Cashback reimbursement are in fact 6,120,150 in total: many, in fact, are the participants who have made at least 50 transactions.

It's hard to think that they will be paid all at once, but it's not far-fetched to believe that already in the coming days the first payments on the accounts will begin. It is only to be seen if they will start before or after the August holiday, with a strong possibility that they will start earlier, in order not to overload the system. The number of users to be paid, on the other hand, is almost double of those who received the refund for the Christmas Cashback.

Super Cashback: it's not time yet

Completely different, however, the situation for those who are waiting for the biggest prize: the 1,500 euros of Super Cashback due to the 100,000 users with more valid transactions. In this case the whole question is just the adjective "valid", because as we now know are under scrutiny millions of transactions deemed suspicious because too small or repeated in rapid series.

A verification that, it should be specified, however, does not seem that it can distort the current ranking since almost no one has really seen climb from the account tens or hundreds of transactions. In any case, it will be necessary to wait for the outcome of any appeals against the cut of the transactions and, consequently, the last date for the crediting of the Super Cashback of 1,500 euros has been fixed at November 30.