Cashback, what to do if the IO app doesn’t count valid transitions

On the IO app yet another problem pops up, while many purchases are not counted after days and days: here's what to do to not lose the cashback.

The time available to accumulate valid transitions for the purposes of the €150 Christmas Cashback is about to end: by December 31, in fact, you must have made at least 10 purchases counted with a valid payment method and registered in the IO app.

For this reason, many users are starting to worry, because the IO app does not show several transitions that should be valid. Initially, these were simple delays, in the last few days it turned into real errors in the app, and in the last few hours, some users are displaying an alarming message (it's even red!): "There may be temporary problems displaying the transaction list". What's going on? Perché non vediamo le transazioni valide e, soprattutto, sono transazioni che andranno perse? Ecco cosa dice IO e cosa stanno sperimentando gli utenti.

Cosa dice IO sulla lista delle transazioni

L’unica interfaccia tra utente e sistema Cashback sembra ormai essere la pagina Facebook IO, l’App dei servizi pubblici. E’ qui che chi ha problemi col Cashback si riversa per chiedere cosa fare ed è qui che, ogni tanto, IO risponde. E la risposta base è sempre la stessa: può volerci un tempo lungo, fino a 72 ore, tra quando la transazione viene effettuata e quando viene effettivamente visualizzata nella lista.

Spiega IO su Facebook: “Le transazioni sono acquisite dal programma dopo essere state contabilizzate dagli operatori di pagamento. Because of this, it may take up to 3 business days after your bank accounts for the payment before you can view a transaction or even longer in high traffic situations or with the weekend in between."

What IO says about the error message

As for the red warning banner about the transaction list issues, again on Facebook IO says that it was a temporary error that was promptly fixed.

At the moment it seems that IO is right: those who yesterday saw the error message today don't see it anymore.

Users' doubts about Cashback

Although it is now clear and known to all that the Christmas Cashback is a "live experiment" to all intents and purposes, and therefore some bugs can be there, most users have at the moment a very low opinion of how the whole operation has been managed.

Too many problems, since the beginning, have affected the app (which was published in beta, we remind you): at the beginning it was almost impossible to register cards, then it was very difficult to enable them, at a certain point users started seeing unknown cards in their Wallet section and, finally, it was discovered that ATM cards have to be registered twice.

As for the time between the transaction and its actual appearance in the list within the IO app, finally, the estimate of 72 hours seems optimistic, to say the least.

What to do if the transition doesn't show up

In light of all this, there is some good news: Christmas Cashback will be disbursed in February. This means that users shouldn't worry too much if they don't see the transaction made right away, because there will be plenty of time to count it for Cashback purposes.

You simply have to be patient: the Cashback system is obviously underpowered and therefore it's super slow, but the payment is tracked and, if it was made by December 31, 2020, it will accumulate with all the others.