Cashback: why someone doesn’t get the transfer

The reimbursement procedures for the State Cashback have been going on for a few days, but not everyone has received the transfer: almost always there is no need to worry, except in one case.

Since August 12, Consap has started to make the transfers for the payment of the ordinary Cashback for the first, and only, semester 2021: as a consequence, since August 13, the discussion groups on social networks dedicated to this measure of the Italy Cashless plan have been flooded with screenshots of the transfer, but also with questions: why didn't I receive the transfer of the State Cashback?

As many users claim to have received the 10% refund, for a maximum of 150 euros, as many users are convinced that there is something wrong with their profile on the IO app, or with that of another issuer through which they have joined the Cashback program. In the vast majority of cases this is not the case: there is no problem and it's just a matter of time: there are over 6 million users to pay and there is time until the end of the month to do so, so it's normal that Consap takes some time. There is, however, only one case in which there is actually a problem and it prevents the crediting of the reimbursement: we made a mistake (or we didn't indicate) the IBAN on which to send the Consap transfer. Here's how to verify this eventuality with IO and with the apps of the affiliated issuers.

Cashback transfer doesn't arrive on IO app

Let's make one thing clear right away, because it's a frequent subject of question on social networks: IO doesn't send any Cashback payment notice, we won't find any message to read inside the app. So, before we go on alert, let's check the bank account to make sure that the refund hasn't really arrived.

If it's not there, then let's go check which IBAN we've listed for the credit, as it might be wrong. To do this, all we need to do is access the IO app, open the Wallet section and tap on the section related to the first semester of Ordinary Cashback.

In the tab that opens up, the accumulated amount will appear, the congratulations message for reaching at least 50 valid transactions and, right below, the IBAN for the credit. If it is not correct, the money will never arrive.

If the IBAN is wrong, then just tap on "edit" and enter the correct one. You won't have to do any other procedure: in a few days the Cashback transfer will be credited.

Cashback transfer doesn't arrive on other apps

It's possible to participate in the State Cashback program even without using IO: some issuers (i.e. banks and fintechs that have joined the initiative) allow us to participate by signing up directly from their app. Two of the most popular examples in Italy are PostePay cards (and apps) and Hype cards.

Also in this case no message is sent in the app for the payment, but only the ordinary notification (if we have activated notifications for incoming transfers). Unlike IO, however, in this case it's impossible to make a mistake in the IBAN: the bank account where the amount will be paid, in fact, is the same one linked to the card.

In cases like this, therefore, there's nothing else to do but wait: it's a matter of days, the Consap transfer of the Cashback will arrive.