Molecule that revolutionizes chocolate production discovered

Hardness, gloss and microstructure: high-quality bars easier to prepare. Molecule that revolutionizes chocolate production discovered. Chocolate is a passion for everyone, but when we talk about “passion” we essentially stop at the fact that everyone likes to eat it: approaching the precious brown bars with a “scientific” approach, in other words with that curiosity that … Read more

When will cars arrive on Fortnite

Cars will only arrive on Fortnite in the coming weeks. To announce it is the same Epic Games: here’s what you need to know Should arrive with the start of Season 3 of Chapter 2 or in the following weeks, but a month from the start of the new season still there is no trace of … Read more

3 movies to watch on Women’s Day

Streaming platforms offer many films to watch on March 8. Here are three films focused on the most important battles of women, perfect for this day. On March 8, we celebrate Women’s Day, an international holiday to remember the social and political struggles fought by women and to draw attention to discrimination that still exists … Read more

Digital Terrestrial: changes to the channels at the end of November

The year 2022 is approaching and, with it, the refarming of frequencies that will cause the disappearance of many local broadcasters: here is what is happening to the channels in these days and how it is going in Sardinia The ballet of broadcasters on Digital Terrestrial is back, with several changes in recent days both … Read more

What is the temperature on the Moon?

What is the temperature on the Moon? Our satellite is very inhospitable from an atmospheric point of view: the temperature range is irreconcilable with human life. How many degrees are there on the Moon? Very many during the day and very few at night. To quantify exactly, it ranges from +130 degrees Celsius during the … Read more

How to free up space and add 10 gb on onedrive, for free

OneDrive is Microsoft’s cloud storage service and offers up to 5 gigabytes of space for free. Here’s how to clean up and get a few extra GB at no cost Microsoft was off to a great start with its cloud storage service, then, it must have done some math, and reduced to 5 gigabytes the free space … Read more

Industria 4.0: cos’è e quali sono i vantaggi

L’Industria 4.0 è un nuovo modo di produrre che sta portando le aziende verso la quarta rivoluzione industriale. Fa perno sui robot e sugli oggetti connessi Il mondo è sempre più interconnesso e, in futuro, la produzione industriale sarà totalmente automatizzata. La trasformazione è in atto, quindi, e le industrie devono conoscere le potenzialità che … Read more

What is and how does the set-top box for digital terrestrial TV work

The set-top box is a mini-computer that can be connected to the TV set to receive digital terrestrial channels. Here’s how it works The switch to second generation digital terrestrial television will be painless for many Italians, since their TV set (or decoder) is already compatible with the new DVB-T2 standard. For some, however, it … Read more

There’s a new virus spreading through WhatsApp: how to avoid it

Beware of new virus spreading by exploiting the popularity of Netflix and WhatsApp: malware copies the apps’ logos and steals victims’ data A new virus disguised as a service from popular streaming app Netflix is spreading through WhatsApp. The malware sends automated replies to messages on behalf of victims, so cyber criminals are able to … Read more

Amazon turns 10 and for the occasion makes you a special gift

Amazon launches a lottery to celebrate its 10 years: for every order of at least 30 euros you can win Gift Vouchers up to 10,000 euros Amazon turns 10 and celebrates by offering its users a very special gift. Starting from October 19 and until November 15 for every order of at least 30 euros, … Read more