Fortnite: Tfue criticizes game map

In a live broadcast on Twitch, pro-gamer Tfue heavily criticized Fortnite Battle Royale’s game map, calling it “nonsensical”. It might be bizarre for all people unrelated to the world of video games, yet the opinion of so-called streamers is increasingly important for both fans and insiders (as the case of Ninja recently shows). For this … Read more

Beware of fake WhatsApp message from Adidas: credit card at risk

Another fraud attempt exploiting the Adidas brand: this time hackers promise a pair of shoes as a gift for Women’s Day. Today is Women’s Day and hackers have not missed the opportunity to try yet another scam via WhatsApp message: in fact, for a few days now, on the world’s most used instant messaging platform, … Read more

Diodon, the inflatable and waterproof drone

Diodon is a drone built by a French startup that inflates and can be easily carried inside a bag. It’s completely waterproof We’re used to seeing all kinds of drones: tiny ones for kids to learn how to control quadcopters, made from Lego, or designed to take pictures or record video. But until now, a waterproof … Read more

WhatsApp, possible to see Facebook and Instagram videos in chats

In the new update of the famous messaging application it will be possible to view Facebook and Instagram videos in chats Nth update for the WhatsApp application, which has arrived at its version 2.18.51. In recent times, the famous application for has implemented several new features and now it will allow users to watch Facebook and Instagram … Read more

What to eat in space: from tacos to extra virgin olive oil

But pizza, tacos and many other tasty foods have already arrived in the station. In 2022 the oil will be launched on the ISS with the mission of Samantha Cristoforetti. The last food to go into space will be the Italian extra virgin olive oil. It was announced by the Italian Space Agency. The product … Read more

Windows 10 changes look: a makeover coming soon

Microsoft is working on new graphics features that will make Windows 10 more fluid. The new features will arrive this fall with Redstone 3 New features are coming for Windows 10 users. According to what emerged Wednesday from the Windows Developer Day, Microsoft is in fact ready to introduce small changes to the look to its … Read more

Secure and easy-to-remember passwords, hacker’s advice

Kurt Muhl has released a series of useful tips for users to create passwords that are easy to remember but cannot be hacked Generally, hackers are not people to be trusted. Also because their main purpose is to infect our devices and steal our credentials. But if a hacker explains how to create passwords that are … Read more

WhatsApp: all features

WhatsApp is the world’s most widely used messaging app, with over 1.5 billion registered users. The app, now owned by Facebook along with Instagram and Messenger, has evolved over time, coming to offer many innovative features, from video calling to sharing files and documents in various formats. Here’s a complete guide to using WhatsApp, from … Read more

Sky annuncia il nuovo film con Alessandro Borghi

Sarà basato sul romanzo “Sole di mezzanotte” il nuovo film Sky Original: un prodotto internazionale con la collaborazione di Cattleya e Groenlandia. Sky ha annunciato un nuovo film Sky Original: The hanging sun. Si tratta di un progetto internazionale con la collaborazione di Cattleya e Groenlandia che vedrà come protagonista principale Alessandro Borghi indimenticabile in … Read more