Celebrity Hunted 2 arriva su Prime Video: ecco i dettagli

Da venerdì 18 giugno tornano le celebrità in fuga: sette personaggi famosi tra cui Elodie e Stefano Accorsi.

Celebrity Hunted – Caccia all’uomo è un reality show decisamente non convenzionale, diverso da un documentario e da una fiction: appassiona con il susseguirsi degli episodi. Ha avuto su Amazon Prime Video la sua prima distribuzione ed è prodotto in Italia da Endemol Shyne Italy.  Il 18 giugno debutta la seconda stagione con sette ricercati d’eccezione.

Il format di Celebrity Hunted 2 – Caccia all’uomo, prevede ricercati, cacciatori e un quartier generale. Questi i pilastri a fondamento del real life thriller. I ricercati sono personaggi famosi che per due settimane, con 70 euro giornalieri, dovranno sopravvivere al bracconaggio costante dei loro cacciatori. Questi dovranno cercarli, scovarli ed escluderne, uno a uno, dal gioco. The hunters are a team of professionals divided into five teams that will physically have to capture the fugitives. The headquarters, on the other hand, is fundamental for the hunters: from there the investigative and intelligence activities start. Celebrity Hunted 2 wins whoever, among the wanted, manages to reach the extraction point. The winner's prize is donated to charity.

The New Wanted

Elodie, Stefano Accorsi, Diletta Leotta, Achille Lauro, M¥ss Keta, Boss Doms and Vanessa Incontrada are the new seven wanted men, protagonists of Celebrity Hunted 2 - Manhunt. Singers, actors, TV presenters will challenge each other looking for their personal salvation up and down the length and breadth of Italy. Three episodes per evening are assumed by Amazon Prime Video distribution.

The wait, for the start of the protagonists' escape, ends this Friday, June 18 and will have the beautiful setting of Piazza San Marco in Venice. It will then be up to fans of strategy and investigation to follow this new chapter of the TV series among all the programming available on Amazon Prime Video for this June.

Guard, thieves and innovation

The format is very reminiscent of the game we all played as children and after the skepticism of the first season, in which we were stripped of the systemic logic of the usual reality shows, we have really innovated: this is the intention Nicole Morganti, head of Celebrity Hunted.

Celebrity Hunted 2 - Caccia all'uomo is really promising: Elodie has mistaken the game for reality, Diletta Leotta has managed to maintain a semblance of normality, even going to the hairdresser, and has found it delicious to eat in Alessandro Borghese's restaurant; while Stefano Accorsi, particularly amused and goliardic, seems to have never given up an inch, a real tough cookie.

Curiosities about Celebrity Hunted 2

The first objective of this new edition will be to get rid of an electronic bracelet that would make them geo locate from the very beginning by the hunters. Intuition, cold blood and escape to the prize.

Great kudos to the Endemol Shyne Italy production team who managed, during the heavy period of Covid's pandemic, to bring forth this other original and entertaining successful format.

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