Cell phone rates, in September boom of increases

A study by SosTariffe.it reveals that in September for mobile phone subscriptions users will pay up to 28% more

It will be a traumatic return from vacation for most Italians. After spending two-three weeks on the most beautiful beaches in Italy, you have to return to deal with the hard life of every day. Including increases in household and mobile phone bills.

The news comes from the latest study published by SosTariffe.it on price changes of the main services and utilities. According to the research carried out by the website's experts, mobile phone subscriptions will undergo an increase in September of up to 28%. A real bloodletting for Italians, who will have to juggle between the various remodulations announced by telephone operators in these days. In fact, Vodafone and Wind Tre have increased from September the price of some of their offers by about 2 euros (ranging from a minimum of 1.49 euros to a maximum of 2 euros) and the same had happened in previous months for other phone companies.

Mobile telephony, increases of up to 28%

The study by SosTariffe.it examines all the monthly expenses of a single person, a couple and a family: car insurance, internet connection, electricity and gas, pay TV, current accounts and mobile phone subscriptions. The highest price increase concerns the phone subscription of the smartphone.

The research has examined three different cases: a single, a couple and a family. A single with a package of 1000 minutes, 3003 SMS and 8GB monthly in January spent 243.50 per year, while in September spending has increased to 311.80 euros, an increase of 28.81%. The situation is not better for couples: taking into account two subscriptions with 400 minutes, 200 SMS and 5GB of data, in January they spent 487 euros, while in September the expenditure comes up to 623.76 euros (increase always 28%).

Also for families the price increase is very high. The study of the website takes as an example a family composed of three people, all with the same rate: 1000 minutes, 300 SMS and 10GB per month. In January, the annual expenditure was 730.50 euros, while in September it rose to 935.64 euros, 28% more.