CES 2017: here is the smartwatch for hiking and kayaking by Casio

In Las Vegas, the Japanese company presented its Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F20, with integrated GPS and downloadable maps, has autonomy of one month and costs $500

Casio has represented, and represents, for a large category of users a compromise for a watch with good value for money. Perhaps not everyone knows, however, that the Japanese company is also experimenting in the field of smartwatches and at CES presented the new WSD-F20.

Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F20. The new smartwatch from Casio, the Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F20, is the new version of the already known WSD-F10. These are smartwatches designed for a very specific target and also quite niche. Hikers and those who love to go kayaking or mountain biking. At the Consumer Electronic Show Casio presenting the new model has ensured that this will cover one of the major shortcomings of the previous, or will have GPS. There will also be the ability to download maps from Mapbox and use them offline in tandem with the GPS. GPS data can also be used with App Activity, for example to record a route.

New design but same price

(Taken from YouTube)

The new features listed above will try to make the smartwatch as independent from the smartphone as possible. Different is the design of the WSD-F20 compared to its predecessor. Some changes to the materials make it look more robust. Very different dials and hands, now more stylized. The smartwatch is available in two colors, orange and black. And in Las Vegas the orange version was particularly applauded as it is much less garish than the orange used in the WSD-F10 series. È stata estesa la durata della batteria che dovrebbe garantire ora un mese di autonomia. L’orologio gira con Android Wear 2.0 e Casio ha fatto sapere che anche il WSD-F10 riceverà a breve l’aggiornamento del sistema operativo. Il WSD-F20 verrà rilasciato il 21 aprile prossimo a un prezzo di lancio di 500 dollari (circa 450 euro). La stessa cifra del WSD-F10 al momento dell’ingresso sul mercato.


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