CES 2018: what will be presented

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 there will be all The elite of technology: here are what devices and technologies will be presented

From January 8 to 12, 2018 the world of technology meets in Las Vegas for CES 2018. The Consumer Electronics Show is the most important trade show dedicated to consumer electronics and technology held in the World. Each year sees the participation of the big companies of hi-tech, but also of automotive companies.

Last year, for example, there was great attention to self-driving vehicles. Waymo, the self-driving car made by Google together with FCA (Fiat), the ultra-powerful suv FF91 and different solutions by Bosch, Ford and Nvidia were presented. For technology enthusiasts, it's like being at the amusement park: the stands feature practically everything, from smartphones to tablets and smart home objects. But also drones, IoT devices and fitness trackers. Very often what companies present during CES becomes a cult object within a couple of years: it was so for smart home objects, dorns and the first model of Xbox.

What will be presented at CES 2018? There will be great attention to the world of artificial intelligence. Google after years of absence has decided to attend CES again, organizing an ad hoc event dedicated to Google Assistant, the personal assistant that made its debut in Italy on Android smartphones from the end of the year. LG and Samsung, instead, will focus mainly on smart home appliances and OLED TVs (with new models with 8K resolution). After a 2017 as absolute protagonists, electric cars are ready to return at CES 2018 as well. Mercedes has already announced a presentation event where it will show the new "digital" dashboard of the A-Class (which will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in mid-March). But there will also be Ford, BMW and the main companies in the industry, ready to show the latest technologies that will be integrated inside the cars.

CES 2018: what it is and when it is done

The Consumer Electronics Show is the most important technology fair that is organized every year in the World. All the companies in the world of hi-tech are present and among the various stands you can find almost everything: from smartphones up to the most extravagant devices. But when and where is the CES organized? Usually it is organized in the first week of January, just after celebrating the New Year. This year will be different: CES 208 opens its doors on January 8 and closes them on January 12. As usual, CES is organized in Las Vegas. After this brief introduction, here is everything that will be presented at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018.

Google at CES 2018

One of the most important news is precisely the presence of Google at CES 2018. Usually companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft desert the show to concert attention on the events they organize during the year. But this time it seems that the Mountain View company has been convinced to show up at the fair and has rented eight booths. Now the question that arises is, "What will Google show at CES 2018?" Probably nothing new. The Mountain View company will focus its attention on Google Assistant, the personal assistant recently available also in Italian. Google will show the results obtained with artificial intelligence and the road taken to develop it to the fullest.

Samsung, between smartphones and TV

The South Korean company is always one of the most anticipated at the U.S. kermesse. Last year, it showed up with both a system for smart cars made by Harman Kardon and smart home appliances that can be controlled via smartphone. For 2018, what will it have in store? From the rumors that have come out in recent weeks, it would seem that Samsung is ready to present some new models of smartphones. Almost certainly will be launched the new models of the A series (2018) that will mount an Infinity Display screen with aspect ratio 18:9. But there are rumors that there might be a surprise as well. Galaxy S9? Galaxy X? Foldable smartphone? Very difficult. Samsung will keep its cards hidden and reveal them only at Mobile World Congress 2018.

There will also be important news regarding the world of televisions. Samsung would be ready to launch a new 150-inch panel made with the new MicroLED technology. In addition, there will be new models with QLED technology.

What Sony will show at CES 2018

Sony has always used the stage of the Consumer Elctronics Show to present new products dedicated to the living room at home: televisions and audio systems. And the 2018 edition will be no different. There will certainly be the new Bravia TVs with OLED panel, accompanied by projectors with 4K resolution. The presence of new models of headphones and earphones is not to be excluded either. Surprises on the smartphone front? Almost certainly will be launched Sony Xperia A2, mid-range smartphone. To learn more, the appointment is for January 8, the day when Sony has given appointment to the press for the keynote.

What will LG show at CES 2018

Last year LG took the spotlight by presenting the thinnest TV in the world. And for 2018, it's ready to impress again. At CES there will likely be new models to be launched on the market during the year, along with the LG Signature series televisions. The South Korean company could also unveil some new smartphones: last year the mid-range LG Stylus 3 and LG K10 phones were launched. News also regarding smart home and artificial intelligence, with the presence of some new robots to use in the home.

Dell XPS 13-inch

The Consumer Electronics Show in recent years has been the place where Dell has presented the new version of the 13-inch XPS. And for 2018, it will be no different. From the rumors leaked in recent weeks the 2018 Dell XPS 13" is expected to mount three USB type-C ports, a MicroSD slot and an Infinity Edge display. To know something more about the specifications we just have to wait for the official presentation (the processor will surely be an 8th generation Intel).

Electric cars

Although CES is not a trade show dedicated to cars, in recent years technology applied to cars is stealing the scene from smartphones and televisions. Last year it was FCA with the Waymo minivan to amaze the audience, this year could be the EMotion to attract all the attention of the press. This is a new electric car produced by the Fisker company that promises to have a full charge in just 9 minutes. It also integrates an autonomous driving system. It will be put on the market at a price of 129,000 dollars. Future Faraday after presenting the FF91 last year has promised another big announcement during CES 2018.

Even "established" companies will be featured with some ad hoc events. Mercedes will showcase the new interior of the A-Class that will debut on the market during the second quarter of 2018. There will also be news about assisted driving and artificial intelligence in cars. Technology has made great strides when it comes to parking and driver assistance sensors: they will no longer be mounted on the bumper of the car, but directly inside the headlights.

Dates not to miss at CES 2018

Logically, Google, LG, Sony and Samsung will not be the only stars of the Consumer Electronics Show 2018. Quite the contrary. Most likely, it will be semi-unknown companies that will showcase the most innovative devices. Among the big companies to watch out for are Asus, HP, Intel, Lenovo, Nikon. Nvidia, HTC, Acer and Razer. Much anticipation for the speech of Huawei's CEO who is expected to present the Chinese company's new solutions for the connected home, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Also the CEO of Intel should present the new products of the U.S. company designed for artificial intelligence, virtual reality, self-driving cars and 5G connectivity. Finally, at CES 2018 will debut an area dedicated to the world of sports: there will be not only fitness trackers and smartwatches, but also the solutions of various companies to make it easier to analyze the data collected by teams and the use of augmented and virtual reality in daily workouts.