CES 2019, Italy protagonist. The best gadgets made in Italy

Fifty Italian companies and startups took part in CES 2019 in Lase Vegas. Here are some of the most interesting products they presented

As we have seen, smart home devices and computers were the protagonists of the 2019 edition of the Consumer Electronic Show, the trade show dedicated to technology held at the beginning of the year in Las Vegas. But, unlike what you might believe, innovation does not speak only English or Chinese.

In fact, there are many innovations presented by Italian companies and startups at CES 2019. Our country's hi tech companies, present at the Las Vegas electronics show under the umbrella of Tilt (The Italian lab for technology, a public-private project coordinated by Teorema, Area Science Park, and the Foreign Trade Institute), brought innovative products for home automation, mobility, security, and even food quality to CES.

Woolf_ID, increased safety for motorcyclists

Among the most popular Italian innovations at CES 2019 is certainly Woolf_ID, a hi tech wristband for motorcyclists, cyclists and motorists that can increase safety on the road. Woolf_ID is a leather band connected to the Internet and equipped with GPS that vibrates whenever we are approaching a dangerous spot on the road, a speed camera or a Tutor. Unlike other similar devices based on visual or audible notifications, Woolf_ID does not create any distraction to the driver and simply provides, through personalized vibrations, the information needed to drive safely.

BluBrake, the ABS system for e-bikes

As for safety, look at BluBrake, the world's first universal ABS system for e-bikes that can be mounted on any model of electric bicycle. It is a kit composed of a speed sensor, a control unit, an electro-hydraulic actuator and a small user interface to be mounted on the handlebars of the bike and is able to drastically increase the safety of riding these battery-powered bikes, which are increasingly fast and high performance.

Mookkie, the smart bowl

To the well-being of our pets, instead, look at the Mookkie smart bowl equipped with artificial intelligence and learning algorithms. Thanks to a camera and a sophisticated software, Mookkie is able to recognize the animal that approaches it and, only if it is our cat or our pet, opens the kibble compartment. Very useful if we are used to let our four-legged friend eat outside the house, where other animals such as birds, foxes, mice or stray dogs and cats might come to steal the food. Mookkie recognizes only our pet and only to him he opens the food compartment.

Albicchiere, the gadget for wine lovers

The smart dispenser Albicchiere is dedicated to wine lovers: it is able to keep wine bottles at the right temperature and store wine, even if we open the bottle for just one glass, for up to six months. A screen shows us the wine label and the storage temperature. This device is controlled from the smartphone via app or even from Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit. If we buy several, we can create a small private wine cellar and keep them all under control, at the right temperature and drink them calmly over time without running the risk of a bottle of fine red wine spoiling.