Chairless Chair, the wearable chair to sit wherever and whenever you want

Developed by a Swiss company, Chairless Chair is a flexible exoskeleton that turns into a chair and allows workers to rest

There are some devices that, despite being very simple, are destined to have a strong impact in our lives. One of them is definitely Chairless Chair, a flexible and wearable tool, to be placed behind the legs, that allows anyone to sit down at any time.

At a glance, the device developed by noonee AG, a Swiss company, looks very much like a kind of exoskeleton, one of those devices used in the medical field (and also in the military) to help people stand up. Chairless Chair, in fact, starts from the back and goes up to the feet. The heart of the device, however, is represented by two mechanical legs, which, if necessary, bend, assuming the typical functionality of a chair. It is sufficient, in fact, to press a kind of small lever, located on one of the two robotic supports.


Chairless Chair, which if we translated its name from English to Italian would mean chairless chair, consists of two legs, made using a special polymer, which weigh a total of 3.5 kilograms. Nothing compared to the mass that each of them can support. The device, in fact, is able to support an individual of almost 200 kilos. In addition to the two mechanical supports, Chair Chair includes a kind of harness, which serves to fasten the device to the belt and back.

As seen, to use the device of noonee AG just push a button and bend, imitating the movement that is put into practice when you sit down. Chairless Chair, according to the intentions of the Swiss company, was designed especially for the world of work, with an eye towards all those who are forced to stand for a long time.

The hi-tech object can be very useful within companies, concerned about reducing downtime and increasing productivity. And in fact, there is no shortage of companies interested in noonee AG's product, it seems.

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