Champions League on Amazon: first information on prices

The Champions League 2021-22 will also be on Amazon, for the first time in Italy. But how much do the most spectacular matches in the world cost?

One of the "firsts" we will witness in Italy during the 2021-2022 soccer season will be the broadcasting of some Champions League matches onĀ Amazon Prive Video. The American giant of online commerce last December has in fact bought the TV rights for the transmission of the European competition.

Some details about this unprecedented channel for the transmission of soccer matches were revealed during the Prime Video Presents Italia 2021. The event, held in Rome, was the occasion to announce the new features that will affect the platform between 2021 and 2022. Not only soccer, indeed. First of all, an agreement came out, an overall deal, with Achille Lauro who will have a cameo in the first Italian Amazon Originals film Years as a Dog, and will be among the participants of the second edition of Celebrity Hunted. Then a broader look at new Italian Amazon Originals productions, the new shows that will be broadcast and one of the most anticipated news among football fans, the Champions League 2021-22.

The Champions League 2021-22 on Amazon

During the Prime Video Presents Italia 2021 to talk about the Champions League 2021-22 was Prime Video Sport managing director in Europe Alex Green, who began as follows: "We have acquired the rights to broadcast the Champions League in Italy for three seasons, starting from 2021-22: we will broadcast the top matches on Wednesdays, from the preliminary phase to the semi-finals. We also have the European Super Cup."

Green said that Amazon will be able to choose before others which events to broadcast, and the stated intention is to target the top games with Italian teams as protagonists. He continued: "The pinnacle of soccer in the world is the Champions League, we are excited to be able to offer soccer in Italy as well as in Germany. This is similar to our strategy in other countries, for example in France we will broadcast Roland Garros from this weekend, in the UK the Premier League and in the USA the NFL. The investment in the Champions League is part of this framework".

That Amazon is interested in the world of soccer sounds like news in Italy, but elsewhere it is not at all. In England, Amazon just wrapped up the second season of Premier League broadcast on Prime Video, and Green calls it "a huge step for us." He continues: "We broadcast a total of 50 games. Fans loved our coverage, broadcast and production. We want viewers to be close to the action. Streaming on a technical level has been robust, it's been a great experience as video and audio quality, like what you'd expect from a soccer game on a home TV."

"We've also introduced interesting options, such as the stadium effect by taking away the commentary or even the x-ray option, which shows live stats as the game is played, as well as highlights in real time. These are all options that will be included in the Champions League package," and from which we will also benefit in Italy.

How much will the Champions League cost on Amazon

"The packages we have acquired vary, there is no single option. Unfortunately we can't offer unlimited sports for free inside Prime, we have to make a selection." A selection that is necessary for a very simple reason: Amazon has no intention of asking Amazon Prime subscribers for a single euro more, so even the Champions League 2021-22 - as Green himself clearly stated - will be included in the Prime subscription of 36 euros per year, which moreover does not only offer Amazon Prime Video, but also free delivery on purchases, Amazon Music streaming, unlimited storage on Amazon Photos and much more.

So the best Wednesday night Champions League matches - 16 matches in total for each season from 2021 to 2024 - will be able to be watched for free by Amazon Prime subscribers.

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