Champions League: where to watch Juventus and Lazio matches live

Wednesday, December 2, the Champions League is back: where to watch Juventus and Lazio matches live on television

The fifth round of the group stage of the Champions League closes with matches on Wednesday, December 2 with two Italian clubs on the pitch: Juventus and Lazio. Juve will face Dinamo Kiev at 9 pm and is already qualified for the round of 16, while Lazio is second in its group and challenges Borussia Dortmund.

Wednesday, December 2, the matches of Groups E, F, G and H will take place, with two matches at 6.55 pm and the remaining ones at 9 pm. In the group of Juventus, the other important match for the Champions League will be the one between Ferencvaros and Barcelona, while in the group of Lazio, the awaited match is Club Brugge-Zenit. Even in the E round, everything is already decided: Sevilla and Chelsea are playing for the first place, while Krasnodar and Rennes are looking for a place, at least in the Europa League. Group H, on the other hand, could hold some surprises in store: the match between Manchester United and PSG will be fundamental, with Leipzig challenging Istanbul Basaksehir at home.

Champions League, where to watch the December 2 matches live on TV

The Champions League matches will be broadcast live on Sky Sports and Sky Football channels on Wednesday, December 2.

The matches will also be streamed on Sky Go and Now TV after purchasing a special sports package, even if you are not a Sky customer.

Here are the main matches of the day and where to watch them live on TV:

Juventus-Dinamo Kiev

Aired at 9pm on Sky Sport Uno and Sky Sport 252 with commentary by Federico Zancan and Giancarlo Marocchi, with Giovanni GuardalĂ  and Paolo Aghemo in the sidelines. Live Goals by Maurizio Compagnoni.

Borussia Dortmund-Lazio

Aired at 21:00 on Sky Sport Arena and Sky Sport 253 with commentary by Riccardo Trevisani and Daniele Adani. Gianluca Di Marzio on the sidelines and Daniele Barone for the Diretta Gol.


Aired at 18:55, the match will be broadcast on Sky Sport Football and Sky Sport 254 with commentary by Pietro Nicolodi. Live Goals by Davide Polizzi.


Aired at 18:55 on Sky Sport 255, with commentary by Luca Boschetto and live Goals by Andrea Marinozzi.

Manchester United-Psg

Aired at 21:00 on Sky Sport Football and Sky Sport 254 with commentary by Nicola Roggero and live Goals by Paolo Ciarravano


Aired at 21:00 on Sky Sport 255 with commentary by Antonio Nucera and live Goals by Dario Massara.

Club Brugge-Zenit

Aired at 21:00 on Sky Sport 256 with commentary by Gianluigi Bagnulo and live goals by Lucio Rizzica.


Aired at 21:00 on Sky Sport 257 with commentary by Massimo Marianella and live goals by Geri De Rosa.