Chome, it will be easier to understand why the browser doesn’t work

In the development version of Chrome, a feature that has been present within Windows for over a decade has been added. Browser more intuitive to use

Chrome wants to become more intuitive to use for users and has decided to copy Windows. Obviously, this is not a generalized speech at all, but focused on a precise aspect of how Big G's browser works. Specifically, Mountain View developers are developing a system of detection and reporting of operating errors that is, in fact, more intuitive.

At the moment, in fact, if Chrome doesn't work, users see a message with a rather technical string, from which it is difficult to understand the origin and "symptoms" of the malfunction. To get around this issue, which certainly doesn't help the hundreds of millions of users who use the browser every day, Big G's development team has drawn up a list of errors accompanied by a unique numerical code, which will be displayed if Chrome crashes due to one of the known errors.

Chrome copies Windows for errors: how the browser changes

A feature similar to the one that Microsoft has been using for decades now to report errors that, increasingly rarely, lead to the appearance of BSOD (acronym for Blue screen of death, the irreversible error page that leads to the forced restart of the operating system of the Redmond house). And, perhaps, it is no coincidence that the proposal to add this new mode of error reporting came from a Microsoft engineer working on the development of the new browser of the Redmond company.

At the moment, Google is testing the new tool in the "alpha" version of its browser, but it is not at all certain that it will be released in a few weeks. On the contrary, it is likely that it will still be some time before Chrome errors are reported with numeric codes. The developers, in fact, must first identify all possible cases and "lead them back" to their error, and then release a sort of explanatory "manual" thanks to which users can orient themselves in a simpler way.