Christmas 2016, hi-tech gift ideas: from drones and robots to top smartphones

Between smartphones, drones, robots and hoverboards, for Christmas 2016 it is really difficult to choose the perfect gift to buy

Not always, but in some cases in the world of technology the price makes the difference: paying two or three hundred euros more for a device very often means higher quality. If for Christmas 2016 we want to make a special gift for a special person, it is necessary to open the wallet.

If your budget exceeds 250 euros, you can choose from an infinite number of devices and solutions that will make happy the most important people in your life: parents, husband, wife, children and life partners. To be on the safe side you can buy one of the latest smartphones on the market or alternatively a drone that allows you to make videos with a 4K resolution. Instead, if you are looking for something more original, an electric scooter could be the right choice. In the photogallery above you will find all our suggestions for hi-tech gifts for Christmas 2016 with a cost above 250 euros.

Sony Xperia X Compact

Smartphones in recent years have accustomed us to increasingly generous dimensions. Sony with the Xperia X Compact model goes against the grain and focuses on a 4.6-inch screen. If for Christmas 2016 you are looking for a compact device, the Xperia X is the smartphone for you. The device from the Japanese company mounts a Snapdragon 650 processor, supported by 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal memory expandable up to 256GB with a microSD card. As mentioned the screen is 4.6 inches. Very interesting the photographic compartment: the rear camera is 23 megapixels, while the front one is 5 megapixels. The design is rectangular as in the habits of Sony. Con un prezzo di poco inferiore ai 400 euro è un’idea regalo hi-tech di Natale 2016 ideale per coloro che sono alla ricerca di un device con un display piccolo, Bisogna sottolineare, però, che il mercato offre soluzioni con un rapporto qualità-prezzo migliore.

Honor 8

honor-8-1.jpgFonte foto: Amazon

Honor 8

Uno smartphone molto interessante e uno dei migliori per quanto riguarda il rapporto qualità-prezzo è l’Honor 8. Chi non è esperto di smartphone molto probabilmente non consocerà il nome dell’azienda: in realtà si tratta della società “sorella” di Huawei, nata per produrre device low-cost ma che in breve tempo si è trasformata in un competitor duro da battere. L’Honor 8 è la sua ultima creazione e il top di gamma con cui sta riscuotendo un buon successo: il device monta un SoC Kirin 950 supportati da 4GB di RAM e 32GB di memoria interna espandibile fino a 128GB. The IPS screen is 5.2 inches with a resolution 1920 x 1080, while the photographic compartment consists of a dual-lens rear camera and an 8-megapixel front camera. The smartphone can be purchased on major Italian e-commerce sites at a price of around 350 euros. Among the technological Christmas gifts above 250 euros is definitely one of the best for value for money.

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 are headphones that combine the quality of materials an elegant design difficult to find on other devices. Speaking, however, on the technical characteristics, the audio performance is top of the range headphones and thanks to the microphone you can directly answer calls received on your smartphone. On the capsules there are touch controls that allow you to stop the playback of music and go forward in the choice of songs. The NoiseGard Hibrid technology allows you to eliminate any noise coming from outside and also all background interference. With the included cable you can connect them to your smartphone even without using wireless technology. The headphones can be folded and carried very conveniently inside the bag. The cost of the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 is about 250 euros.

Dyson Pure Cool

(Taken from YouTube)

For someone special, the hi-tech gift for Christmas 2016 must be original. To surprise your partner or life partner you can choose as a Christmas gift Dyson Pure Cool, a connected device that purifies the room and emits a jet of fresh air. The shape of the object is quite particular, but it is extremely useful for people who suffer from allergies: Dyson Pure Cool kills 99.95 of allergens and pollutants in the air. Inoltre, grazie all’applicazione disponibile per smartphone e tablet, l’utente potrà controllare in ogni momento la qualità dell’aria della propria abitazione. Dyson Pure Cool può essere acquistato a un prezzo di circa 450 euro.

Jimu Robot Inventor Level

I robot sono una passione che non ha età. Sono un’idea regalo tecnologica che farà felice sia i più grandi sia i più piccoli. Se si è alla ricerca di un prodotto che sia affidabile e che allo stesso tempo permetta di divertirsi si può optare per Jimu Robot Inventor Level. Il dispositivo è formato da 675 parti a incastro che danno la possibilità di realizzare qualsiasi oggetto vi passi per la testa: dagli animali alle automobili, l’unico limite è la fantasia. Inoltre, grazie ai 16 servomotori il robot potrà muoversi in tutta tranquillità e può essere gestito direttamente tramite l’applicazione sviluppata per Android e iOS. Nell’app sono disponibili anche delle istruzioni per creare 5 robot differenti. Jimu Robot Inventor Level può essere acquistato per circa 300 euro sui principali siti di e-commerce online.

Nilox Hoverboard

hoverboard-1.jpgFonte foto: Aamzon

Nilox Hoverboard

Uscito direttamente da un film di fantascienza, l’hoverboard è uno dei dispositivi più strani realizzati negli ultimi anni. Può essere utilizzato per spostarsi da una parte all’altra dalla città, ma ancora non ha ricevuto l’autorizzazione per essere usato in strada. Per gli amanti dei dispositivi strani, l’hoverboard è sicuramente un regalo tecnologico molto apprezzato. Se il budget a disposizione permette di spendere più di 250 euro si potrà acquistare Nilox Hoverboard: raggiunge una velocità massima di 10 km/h e la carica dura fino a un massimo di tre ore. The price of the device is about 300 euros.

Yuneec Breeze

Breeze is the new drone from Yuneec that allows you to record videos with a 4K resolution. The dimensions of the quadcopter are quite small and operation is very simple. Through the application available for smartphones and tablets, the user will be able to control it directly from the screen of the mobile device. Breeze is designed to become the drone of selfies and through the app you can decide how to use it. The drone can be purchased online at a price of about 450 euros.

Moulinex HF9001 i-Companion

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Among the hi-tech gifts for Christmas 2016 above 250 euros you can find many items for the smart home. Like Moulinex HF9001 i-Companion a food processor that simplifies the work of those who work late into the evening and do not have time to prepare dinner. More than a robot, the device is a real cook. In fact, Moulinex HF9001 i-Companion also allows you to cook the dishes by choosing, through the application available for smartphones and tablets, even the type of cooking. The temperature varies from 30 up to a maximum of 130 degrees Celsius. In addition, on the application are available ready-made recipes: just enter the ingredients and the rest will be taken care of by the robot. Moulinex HF9001 i-Companion is not exactly cheap: it can be purchased on the main online e-commerce sites at a price of 750 euros.


To combat climate change in recent years have been made several electric means. One of the most particular is definitely the scooter, but that proves very useful especially in large cities. It allows you to move quickly without polluting. The Nilox DOC PRO allows you to get up to a maximum of 20 kilometers per hour and the autonomy is about 20 kilometers. It is definitely a hi-tech Christmas 2016 gift idea very special, but it proves useful for those who respect the environment. The electric scooter costs about 600 euros.

Canon EOS 80D

A camera is always a welcome Christmas gift, especially if it is an SLR. If money is no object and you can spend a fairly large amount, one of the best choices you can make is the Canon EOS 80D. It allows you to take pictures and record videos in very high definition and be able to share them immediately on your social profiles. The photo sensor is 24.2 megapixels, while the focusing system made by Canon allows you to record perfect videos in any situation. The Canon EOS 80D can be purchased for around 1,200 euros.