Christmas gifts for him

Christmas is approaching and gifts for him are always among the most difficult. To avoid falling into the banal pajamas with reindeer, here are some original ideas!

Christmas is coming and every year the problem is always the same: what to give your boyfriend or husband?

After years of birthdays, anniversaries and holidays spent together, the only solution could be to give warm socks or a sports watch. But if you don't want to fall into the banal and stand out, finding a gift that perfectly reflects your better half, just go to Troppotogo. The e-commerce of never-discounted objects will help us to avoid the Bridget Jones-style reindeer sweater and find dozens of ideas, which even the most insensitive man will not be able to resist.

Star Wars Gift Set

If your man also went into mourning a week for the death of Stan Lee and has watched the Star Wars movies until he knew them by heart, becoming able to dub them to perfection, then the Gift Set on sale at Troppotogo is the right choice. From the unmistakable slippers, to the unfailing keychain through the mug and an almost stellar lamp, the gift will give the Force to those who will receive it.

Music Pillow

Mid husbands and boyfriends often hide missed rockers and singers. For those who would live with music in their ears from morning to night, there is no better gift than a nice musical pillow. Simply connect your smartphone to the pillow, select a song and lie back. The built-in speakers mean you don't have to use earphones and won't disturb those sleeping next to you. No worries, then: for you who sleep together, silence is assured!

Beer Jam

Who doesn't love a nice cold beer to drink with friends? For those of you who just can't give up hops at all hours, the tailor-made gift can only be one: beer jam. Perfect for a breakfast not so "sober", ideal to accompany appetizers and cheeses, is the Nirvana for anyone who loves the drink of a thousand bubbles, red or blonde.

Rocky bathrobe

After wearing this wonderful robe, your he can not help but walk around the house shouting "Adrianaaa!". The Rocky bathrobe is the ideal gift for born boxers and fearless people looking for adrenaline even after a relaxing shower. For those who prefer to watch boxing only in the movies, it will be the perfect opportunity to wrap yourself in a comfortable bathrobe and watch all the Rocky movies lying on the sofa, while you go out shopping.

Portable Barbecue Toolbox

For all the boyfriends and husbands who love grilling, undoubtedly the Portable Barbecue Toolbox is the perfect gift. An ingenious portable set, to be used on any fine day and in any green lawn suitable for the situation, in the company of friends: the toolbox is the equipment that was missing from your car. Because the urge to grill doesn't warn!