Christmas gifts, with Facebook you can share lists online

Facebook's Saved Items feature can be used to create a Christmas gift list to tell friends and family what we want for the holidays

Sick of the usual bad gifts they give you for Christmas? Well, then Facebook's new online list sharing feature is for you. In practice we can "suggest" to friends and relatives, through a post on the famous social media, what they can give us to make us happy in the holidays.

Facebook allows you to save a list of items, products, subscription services and so on, found online and then republish it on the famous social media of Mark Zuckerberg to give a little help to friends and relatives who are still undecided on what to give us for this Christmas 2018. This is a very simple operation that will only take us a few minutes and will avoid the classic book or perfume given to us at the last minute by a friend of ours and that we will not read or use practically never in our lives. If you're thinking of a sort of wedding list you're not off the mark, the concept of Facebook online lists is that and it can also be used for other occasions besides Christmas gifts.

How to create gift lists on Facebook

The function for creating lists on Facebook is actually not an absolute novelty. The social media introduced it about a year ago with the intention of allowing people to create a sort of archive for content or products found online that they wanted to republish on Facebook to share with their friends. In the Italian platform, the function is called Saved Elements and can be found among the various functions under the heading Explore that appear on the left side of the Facebook home page. The function is present both in the mobile application and in the desktop version of Facebook. To save a content or an object found online on the social media just press on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner above the post itself and from the pop-up menu select the item Save Post. In this way the sponsored object or content will be directly added to the Saved Elements. Once inside the Saved Elements section just click on the Create your Collection button and start inserting the various saved posts we prefer or find new ones. Once the list is complete, just publish it to make it visible to all our friends and be sure to receive only welcome gifts for Christmas.