Chrome: how to take a “long” screenshot

With the latest version of the Chrome browser for Android, Google has introduced the ability to take extended screenshots: here's how

Google often updates the Google Chrome browser, both on PCs and on other supported devices, such as iOS or Android smartphones. And it is precisely on Android that Google has just introduced the ability to take long or extended screenshots, i.e., "photographs" of what's on the screen that are richer than usual.

For those who own a Samsung smartphone, for example, this is an unremarkable novelty. Samsung in fact, like other manufacturers, has long given customers the opportunity through its custom Android interface to take long or extended screenshots not only on Google Chrome, but also on any other application. However, those who don't enjoy this possibility which, by the way, will come for everyone with Android 12, can make up for it at least on Google Chrome for Android with the simple steps in this short guide: long screenshots are not enabled by default but must be activated manually. Here's how.

Check that you have the latest version of Chrome

First you need to check that you have the latest version of Google Chrome for Android. To do this, just open the Google Play Store and check if there is one for Chrome among the updates to installed apps. The version that allows you to take long or extended screenshots is the number 94, whose distribution started only a few hours ago.

So you may have to wait a few more days before it reaches everyone and you can then perform the extended screenshot.

How to enable long screenshots on Chrome

Anyway, once you've installed Google Chrome 94 for Android you have to open the app and type chrome://flags on the address bar as if it were a normal website, such as

At this point, after hitting enter, in the search bar (just below the navigation bar) you have to type Chrome Share Long Screenshots in order to locate the feature that allows you to take a long or extended screenshot, and then tap Enable to activate it.

How to take a long screenshot on Chrome

Now the extended screenshots are active, so Google Chrome for Android is able to take them: just open the app again and search for the webpage you want to take a long screenshot of, tap on the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen and then on Share, to locate the Long Screenshot item.

A cropping square now appears, with which you need to select the portion of the webpage you want to take the long screenshot of. The function allows you to add text and when the screenshot is finished, you can choose from three options: Share, Save to device only or Delete, and you're done.