Chrome, new feature makes your PC faster: how to try it

Google Chrome developers have included a new feature that allows you to block browser windows that you do not use. How it works

Google is currently testing a new feature to be implemented on the Chrome browser that will allow you to free up RAM by optimizing the operation of your computer. The feature has been noticed in Google Chrome Canary, the Alpha version of the famous browser aimed at web developers.

A particular Alpha version because it is open to everyone and designed so that users can contribute to the development of Chrome. Currently, the feature is not available for everyone, but there is a trick to call it up and preview it. It's not yet clear if this new feature will make its debut in the next version of Chrome, but it's an advanced feature that's mainly dedicated to multitasking lovers and that might be a bit difficult for many users because it's complex to manage.

The "Tab Freeze"

Chrome doesn't enjoy particular sympathy among those who are used to keep multiple tabs open at the same time. The more tabs you have open, the greater the impact on system resources, resulting in slowing down your computer's work due to the occupation of RAM memory. The new "Tab Freeze" feature allows you to freeze tabs in the background and thus avoid using up RAM memory.

"Tab Freeze": how it works

The new feature can only be invoked via the address bar for now. By typing chrome://flags/#proactive-tab-freeze you can access the new setting that allows you to "freeze" tabs that have been open in the background for more than five minutes. Not only that, for the joy of multitasking lovers, you can also select the option "Enabled Freeze - Unfreeze 10 seconds every 15 minutes" to set the awakening of Chrome's open tabs in the background every 15 minutes and for a maximum of 10 seconds. This option is useful to keep the tabs active if you need to receive notifications (for example from your email address), or to facilitate any synchronization tasks. Finally, after activating the "Tab Feature", by typing on the address bar chrome://discards you can manage the "frozen" tabs.

For the moment the new feature is only available in the Alpha version of Google Chrome and a long test period will be necessary before seeing it on the official version of the browser.