Cicli Olympia launches the e-bike with infinite autonomy

Italian company Cicli Olympia launches four models of pedal-assisted bicycles with the 900WH PowerNine battery on board that ensures 290 kilometers of autonomy

Technology applied to automotive also arrives in pedal-assisted e-bikes. The Italian company Cicli Olympia has added to its 2020 catalog some new e-bike models with a very interesting feature: a battery that on the flat assures an autonomy of 290 kilometers and of 80-120 kilometers if you face a hilly route with at least 3000 meters of elevation gain.

Compared to other electric bikes and mountain bikes, which usually assure an autonomy of a little less than half, it's a big step forward. The credit goes to the battery compartment installed in the bike by the Italian company. The battery, in fact, has a capacity of 900Wh and is composed of 50 automotive-derived cells. This allows not only to have a much higher autonomy, but also to contain the weight: the pedal assisted bicycles that integrate this particular battery have the same weight as the "normal" ones. To have all this autonomy it is necessary to pay a little more: the price of e-bikes that mount the PowerNine 900Wh battery (EX 900, EX 900 Sport, Performer and Mistral), start from just over 2700 euros to over 4300 euros.

Cicli Olympia PowerNine 900Wh, the infinite battery for e-bikes

With the outbreak of the pandemic, mandatory social distancing on public transportation, and the bike bonus that allows up to 500 euros for the purchase of a new personal micro-mobility vehicle, many companies have decided to launch new models with unique features. Cicli Olympia has launched four models of pedal-assist bikes, EX 900, EX 900 Sport, Performer and Mistral, which feature the PowerNine 900Wh battery for a range of up to 290 kilometers on the flat. Compared to standard e-bikes, this is more than double.

The Italian company also specified that the expected autonomy in case of hilly route, with an altitude difference of 3000-4000 meters, is about 80-120 kilometers. Recall that the value of the autonomy in an electric bike with pedal assistance can change depending on many factors: the path faced, the force that is impressed on the pedals and the level of pedal assistance set. The motor, in fact, delivers power until it reaches 25 kilometers per hour, the limit imposed by law.

The battery is able to guarantee this autonomy thanks to the new technology used by Cicli Olympia. In fact, it is a battery that uses cells derived from the automotive world and that guarantee greater autonomy with the same weight. Like all pedal assisted bikes, the battery is present on the front upright.

The price is not exactly cheap, but it is a pedal assisted bike with special features. It starts from just over 2700 euros to over 4000 euros.