Clay XYZ, the 3D printer that makes ceramic vases

Just load clay into a tube, choose from the startup's website the model to print and press start. It will arrive on the market in March 2018

The 3D printers are getting smaller and smaller, becoming accessible for everyone, even from an economic point of view, and thus allowing to make a wide range of products. The one designed by American startup Clay XYZ, for example, allows you to create ceramic vases.

According to the small New York-based company, Clay XYZ is the most user-friendly 3D printer ever made. And a look at the video presentation suggests that it is. To create a ceramic object, in fact, simply load the clay in a kind of tube, choose from the website of the startup model to print and press, finally, start. And that's not all. Compared to traditional 3D printers, which use non-reusable plastic material, the natural aggregate used by Clay XYZ can be recycled. Simply dissolve the printed object in water and shape the clay by hand before inserting it back into the 3D printer.

Clay XYZ: components

(Video is from Kickstarter)

This sort of robotic "potter" is composed of the Clay XYZ Extrusion Device, which contains the tube to insert the clay, and the Clay XYZ Printer, the actual 3D printer. The former, however, can be purchased separately as it is compatible with most 3D printers available on the market. In addition to the designs offered by the startup, you can also design your own model to print. Clay XYZ supports all major software platforms. In fact, the printer works with Windows, PCs running macOS and those using Linux, the open-source operating system.

What Clay XYZ can print

Clay XYZ lets you create more than just pots. With the startup's printer, you can make a multitude of ceramic objects: lamps, mugs, bottles and more. Using only classic clay, which can be purchased anywhere, Clay XYZ is eco-sustainable.

Price and release date

To fund the 3D printer, Clay XYZ has launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter, a leading crowdfunding platform. The startup will begin distributing its products starting in March 2018. The Extrusion Device alone starts at $399 (about €364 at current exchange rates), while if the package also includes the Clay XYZ Printer, the cost goes up $799 (about €730 at current exchange rates)