Cleaning company: why have a website

To be easily found online has become essential and does not concern only professionals and technology companies. Even those who have a cleaning company can expand its customer base by increasing its online presence, for example, with a dedicated website that tells its business.

A site consisting of a few pages, where you describe your business in detail, the area in which it operates, the type of services offered and with a form to leave your contact details and book is what a cleaning company needs. Particularly useful, when designing your website, also the inclusion of buttons for direct contact: you can choose between a "click to call", which invites the potential customer to leave their phone number to be contacted, or a special link that allows you to send a message directly to the WhatsApp Business account of the company. So here's how to build a website yourself and what features it needs to have to make sure you increase bookings and the number of customers.

Why Build a Website Yourself

Before describing what a website for a cleaning company needs to look like, it will be good to clarify why it's so important to get one. We now live in a digital age, where the Internet is the perfect opportunity to approach new customers and retain existing ones. Whether it is a company that provides daily cleaning for homes, sanitization for offices, cleaning after renovations and specializing in delicate floors, such as wood or marble, it does not matter.

The services that a cleaning company can offer are many and useful, and more and more people rely on the network to find what they are looking for. By piquing the interest of those potential customers through a strong online presence, cleaning companies can increase the chances of getting new business. For this reason, whether it is a DIY website or a website made by professionals, it is now essential to have one.

Website for cleaning company: how it should be

To define the features that your website must have, you must be clear what are the objectives you want to achieve. First of all, there is the creation and consolidation of the online presence of the company, which will be able to take advantage of a local SEO strategy to be found by potential customers who live in the city in which it operates, or in neighboring cities. For example, the website should contain clear indications and keywords such as "apartment cleaning in Rome" or "office sanitation in Milan". In this way, it will be able to intercept Internet searches of those interested in the service in the area where the company is operating. The self-created website is therefore a simple digital showcase, which allows the company to present itself online to potential customers.

If, in addition to making themselves known, the objective is to convert the interest of users into reservations for their services, the website will have to be more articulated. In addition to the presentation page of the company, the presentation and description of services with their prices and contacts, you can insert the "call to action" or CTA, that is, explicit invitations to book. For example, by inserting a page with a form that collects contacts and allows you to request an estimate, or with a "click to call" button that allows you to leave your phone number to be called back. And again, connecting to the website your social network pages or WhatsApp business account, to agree on bookings and services in an easy, immediate and direct way with the customer.

Cleaning company: how to build a website by yourself

After identifying the objectives and planning the structure, the time comes to create your own DIY website. First you need to find a domain and hosting, which will need to ensure that you can create a website on your own that meets safety and security standards, as well as having sufficient storage space for photos, videos and files. Also important is the SEO aspect, that is, the use of techniques and tools to improve placement in search engine results. Then there is the matter of graphics and user experience. You have to choose a template that is suitable for your business, allows you to understand what the company does and that is responsive, that is, it allows easy navigation both from desktop and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

There are several services that allow you to build a website by yourself, and among them there is Sito DIY by Italiaonline. With a budget starting at 149 euros per year plus VAT, you can buy a package that always includes hosting, domain and email accounts, offers unlimited storage space and allows you to create a site containing up to 6 pages that is SEO optimized and to which you can associate a blog. DIY site also guarantees maximum loading speed from both desktop and mobile, as well as allowing you to integrate forms for collecting contacts and a convenient "clicktocall" button to call back customers, as well as the WhatsApp widget to stay in touch and quickly provide your quotes, bringing home a new reservation.