Clickbait: what’s the new Netflix thriller series about

Coming August 25 also in Italy on Netflix, this new miniseries turns a spotlight on our most dangerous impulses: here's what Clikcbait is about.

The Netflix platform's August catalog is further enriched: Clickbait arrives, an eight-episode thriller miniseries that will shed light on the dark side of social media and promises to leave us with bated breath. It will be distributed in streaming from August 25 all over the world, including Italy.

Clickbait will be a gripping thriller series with lots of tension. It is conceived by Christian White and Tony Ayres, who is also producer and showrunner of the series. The intent is to explore from different angles our most dangerous impulses and make us realize how social media emphasizes these aspects of our personality. Clickbait wants to highlight how we interact between reality and virtual. It is therefore a photograph of our time, in a dramatic key, on how we use and abuse social media almost to create real identity crises between real and fake profiles.

Clickbait: the plot

The Clickbait has as its main character Nick Brewer, played by Adam Greiner, a husband, family man and loving brother with a seemingly happy life. However, there are secrets that Nick jealously guards.

One day he mysteriously disappears and a video appears on the internet with Nick blatantly beaten and bleeding, displaying a sign that reads, "I abuse women, upon reaching 5 million views I will die."

It is unclear whether this is an admission by the happy husband or a confession by a prisoner under blackmail. This, however, makes his sister Pia, played by Zoe Kazan, and his wife Sophie, who has the face of Betty Gabriel, begin an exasperated search in which they will discover the hitherto hidden side of the affectionate Nick. Through social in fact the true essence of Nick will be revealed.

The atmosphere of the mini series recalls, already from the trailer, the suspense and suspension of two other drama series: You and Black Mirror.

The Cast of Clickbait

The cast of Clickbait has been busy with filming since the beginning of December 2019, but due to the pandemic there were several delays in production and filming ended only in March 2021, with the start of post-production. The mini series is set in Australia and among the cities involved we have Melbourne, Broadmeadows, Fitzroy, Docklands Studios, Coburg.

Zoe Kazan will be Nick's sister. A woman desperate for answers as her brother's disappearance becomes the media case of the year. Betty Gabriel will play the wife: a strong woman trying to hold the family together during the media tsunami in which she is swept up. Adrian Grenier is Nick, the series' protagonist who quickly becomes an accomplice in a bizarre crime.

Phoenix Raei, plays the role of Nick's father, but is also the department's officer who is concerned about the case. The cast also includes Abraham Lim, an ambitious journalist and then again Camaron Engels, Daniel Henshall, Ian Meadows.

Brad Anderson is the main director of the series, accustomed to the detective story and mysteries from his direction already from the atmosphere of "The Sinner".