Clothes that protect against smartphone electromagnetic fields

A company has made electromagnetic induction-proof garments that use a silver mesh to block harmful radiation from our tablets, PCs, TVs and electronic objects

It has long been known that the smart devices that surround us every day generate electromagnetic radiation. TVs, tablets, smartphones, computers and even light bulbs and refrigerators emit radiation that, in the long run, is not entirely harmless to our health. To reduce exposure to electromagnetic fields, one company has produced insulating and protective clothing. The company is called Lambs and has launched the Faraday line, inspired by Nasa spacesuits, with comfortable clothes that block wireless radiation.

Clothes that protect against electromagnetic fields

Lambs' Wavestopper technology uses the principle of electromagnetic shielding. Radiation cannot pass through holes in the conductive material that are smaller than its wavelength. Therefore, it is possible to shield an object by surrounding it with a conductive metal mesh. When radiation encounters this mesh, it induces a shift of electrons within the conductive material, which causes the radiation to be reflected instead of entering the screen.

Lambs' Wavestopper fabric is supplemented with silver fibers that create a metal mesh shield that protects the body. According to independent testing, this fabric blocks 99% of microwaves, including WIFI, Bluetooth and cell phone radiation. The apparel produced includes a range of pieces from caps to t-shirts, briefs and boxers to even a pair of glasses.

The Faraday line hat, for example, is a beanie composed of an outer layer of 100% acrylic and an inner layer of 44% cotton, 39% silver and 17% polyester. Machine washable, it would guarantee to block 99% of wireless radiation, including 3G, 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and would also protect against harmful UV rays.

The company's website says the protective apparel features XSoft Silver fibers that are naturally antibacterial and antiviral, which limit the spread of pathogens and have antimicrobial action that also kills odors. In addition, the garments are rated UPF50, meaning protection 50 from UV rays, thus offering complete protection to reduce the risk of cancer. The fabric is soft, light and breathable and the pieces, which are quite basic, are easily matched and can be worn every day.

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Stefania Bernardini