Clubhouse for Android doesn’t arrive and the new social no longer pulls

The latest data from App Annie certifies a slump in downloads of the Clubhouse app, which continues to be unavailable for Android.

The arrival of new competitors, or the announcement of their arrival, on one hand and the lack of an Android app on the other: these could be the reasons for the collapse of downloads of Clubhouse, the rising star of global social networks that until a few weeks ago was considered the platform of the future, the one everyone wanted to join.

But in which, in any case, you can still enter only by invitation (and there are dangers, as we told you here) and only if you have an iPhone, since the app is only for iOS. A certificare lo stallo, anzi il crollo, dei download dell’app di Clubhouse è la società specializzata in analisi del mercato mobile App Annie (famosa per le sue classifiche), che rende noto che a marzo 2021 i downaload dell’app per le chat vocali sono scesi del 69,4% rispetto al mese precedente: dai 9 milioni di febbraio a circa 3,5 milioni del mese scorso. Nel frattempo, però, Clubhouse ha fatto un anno e ha già un valore di mercato di 4 miliardi di dollari (esattamente quanti ne hanno rifiutati da Twitter i suoi creatori).

Quanti utenti usano Clubhouse

Per lunghi mesi Clubhouse è rimasta praticamente sconosciuta a tutti e quasi nessuno la usava. Then the global boom in mid-January 2021, when everyone starts talking about it and well-known personalities such as Elon Musk (and even Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg) peep on the platform.

Clubhouse downloads, however, do not grow in direct proportion to its fame because the app was born (and still remains today) by invitation only and only for iOS: millions of aspiring "clubhousers" remain outside the most exclusive social network in the world. This exclusivity, however, turns out to be a double-edged sword within a short time, as App Annie's data show.

So far, the world's most desired social has only 14 million users, many of whom are not even that active. Facebook, which has already announced a trio of new features to challenge Clubhouse, has more than 2 billion users.

How much is Clubhouse worth

Clubhouse's valuation is also likely to turn out to be a bubble, just like its downloads. Last year Clubhouse was valued at a few million dollars, but the figure quickly rose to a hundred million as early as late 2020. With the media hype also came would-be investors, pushing the app's valuation up to the current $4 billion.

Pushing up Clubhouse's value was also the announcement, perhaps premature, of a monetization system for creators. A system that, however, is of little use if the creators cannot enter Clubhouse and, above all, if the large audience that those creators could attract and bring from other platforms cannot enter.