Clubhouse for Android has arrived on the Play Store, but we can’t use it

Finally Clubhouse is releasing the Android app via the Play Store, but if you want to download it you'll have to wait. Quite a while longer.

The Android version of Clubhouse is now available for download. However, it's best to curb your enthusiasm: users of the green robot, in fact, will have to be patient and wait a little longer before being able to take part in conversations on the application dedicated to voice conversations. The progress of work on the Android version of the application was announced over a week ago, with a big delay compared to the one released for iOS devices.

Biteberry users, in fact, were the first to be able to access the platform, but always having to deal with the system of invitation-only registration that, for many, has effectively nipped in the bud any possibility of accessing the voice rooms during this first phase, which has already seen the participation of many well-known faces from IT and beyond in the most followed conversations, from Mark Zuckerberg to Elon Musk, just to name a few. Another obstacle, or rather more than one, divides the arrival and this is leading to a strong decline in user interest in this new social, which was supposed to revolutionize the Web but seems to be a little lost along the way between delays and choices that are not liked by many.

Clubhouse for Android, why we can not use it

The first major limitation that blocks the largest slice of Android users from being able to make the first use of the application is the beta test. In fact, the app released through the Google store still has limited functionality compared to the iOS one, such as the ability to proceed with club creation or make transactions. A minor detail, you may think, but there's more.

To this, in fact, add the use - only for this phase, of course - exclusively for users with a US Play Store account. It is therefore difficult to circumvent the current block, since this setting is linked to the beta account registered through the Google store, being independent from the possibility to put hands on the APK that allows the installation of the app on your device.

Finally, even on Android the app remains open only to those who have received an invitation from a contact already present on Clubhouse, otherwise you can access only by scrolling through a very long waiting list.

Clubhouse for Android, when will everyone have access?

It seems that these are the last touches before the official launch but that, once again, leave Android users empty-handed. Once the last phase of field testing is complete, the company will be able to expand the pool of users who will have the opportunity to test the functionality and usefulness of the application. All this, in some cases, will happen after having already experimented the counterparts developed by competitors, such as Twitter's Spaces, already active since a few weeks.

Once given the green light to download, then, it will be important to understand how Clubhouse will manage the issue of access, that is, if it will continue to allow subscriptions through invitations or if it will be possible, for everyone, to register their profile and take part in the rooms dedicated to voice conversations. But, for this, we will still have to wait.