Clubhouse for Android, official testing has begun: when will it arrive

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived: the Clubhouse app for Android has entered official beta testing, and the final version is not far away.

Clubhouse, the platform based on voice communication, has begun the testing phase of the version dedicated to the Android operating system. Once this last step has been completed, the application could then also reach that segment of devices that until now had been excluded, relegating the app only to iOS devices.

There are many users who have been waiting, until now, for the possibility of accessing the rooms of the platform to participate in voice conversations that are held daily between users. Despite the large number of members already present, Clubhouse has in fact kept out all the large slice of owners of Android devices (which has left much room for competitors, as we told you here), which have gone to add to those who, to date, have not managed to grab one of the invitations to be able to make the registration, still closed to the general public, despite being in possession of an iPhone or iPad. Now, however, at least for the first, the situation seems to have arrived at a turning point.

Clubhouse for Android, when it arrives

As communicated through a blog post published on the platform's release notes, Clubhouse would have just opened the beta test phase to some users with smartphones and tablets with the robot operating system. As we learn from the words released by the team, the roadmap provides that in the coming weeks the plan can be extended to other testers, going materially to widen the circle of those called to verify the proper functioning and the presence of bugs on the application.

The news comes a few months after the start of work dedicated to the app for Android, dated January 2021 (here are the details). Immediately after receiving a second round of funding, the company had in fact chosen to invest part of the financing to realize the new version, also working on the infrastructure and on the technologies related to this particular type of system.

Due to the still unripe times, the team didn't give an official date for the release of the app dedicated to Android but, once the beta test phase is over and the last details have been set up, the wait could be definitely over.

Clubhouse for Android, competitors already on the market

The prolonged wait for a platform open to everyone, including Android users, has given free rein to Clubhouse's competitors who have begun to appear on the market in recent months. Many are the alternatives already working, such as Twitter Spaces or Telegram voice chat (already under test for some Android users), while in the coming months should arrive the proposals of Facebook, and Instagram, on which their respective development teams are already working.

Will Clubhouse's hard core or its competitors have been right, able to push that slice of the public remained dry-mouthed for too long to fall back and adapt to new proposals, without feeling too much the need to return to the origins once the proposal for Android is ready? We just have to wait and see who will have had the better of the battle.