Cobra Kai, what the most watched TV series on Netflix is about

The Karate Kid sequel wins over audiences on the streaming platform. Here's what it's about, who we find in the cast and how to watch the series on Netflix

Cobra Kai is one of the most viewed TV series on Netflix in the last week. It occupies the first position of the Top 10, defeating even other major titles such as Lucifer and The Umbrella Academy. No doubt it has all the ingredients to become one of the cult titles of the platform and accompany the audience for several seasons.

But what is due to its success? There are many reasons, first of all it is the sequel to Karate Kid, cult film of the 80s. Over the years there has been no shortage of remakes of the famous film, but this time there are several elements that make the series really interesting. For example, it tells the sequel to the Karate Kid from the point of view of Daniel's arch-enemy, Johnny Lawrence, moreover the two characters are played by the actors of the film, not to mention that the series is full of flashbacks and quotes that wink at the fans of the saga. The first two seasons were released on Youtube Red, but Netflix, realizing the potential, acquired the rights and decided to invest in the TV series, for which a third season is already in the works.

The plot of Cobra Kai: here's what it's about

It's been 34 years since Daniel LaRusso fought and won against Johnny Lawrence, who now lives on the margins of society. His apartment is small, his life rather miserable, but the thirst for revenge is particularly high, also because the defeat with Daniel marked the end of his career in karate. With this premise begins the series starring Johnny Lawrence, who decided to take back his life, reopens the famous karate dojo Cobra Kai.

Daniel LaRusso in the meantime has become a wealthy entrepreneur in the automotive industry. In turn, LaRusso decides to teach karate to one of his young employees, thus taking on the role of his mentor, Master Miyagi. During the TV series there is no shortage of twists and turns and especially the meetings and clashes between the two historical rivals.

Naturally, fans of the old Karate Kid saga are involved episode after episode: the series begins with a flashback - the old Cobra Kai code recited by Johnny - but there is no shortage of references and quotations, first of all "Wax on, wax off" one of the phrases that made the film famous. In short, the vision of Cobra Kai is an occasion for all the fans of the movie to go back a bit to that story and setting, while those who haven't seen it yet, especially the younger ones, will be able to take advantage of it to watch the feature film first and then continue with the vision of the TV series, in order to understand all the references, quotes and above all understand the plot well.

Cobra Kai: the cast

One of the strong points of the TV series is just the cast chosen by the producers, in fact the protagonists are played by the same actors of the movie, now become adults. Johnny Lawrence is played by William Zabka while Daniel LaRusso is Ralph Macchio. The two characters are the perfect evolution of what we saw in the original film. Johnny Lawrence has a harsh view of the world, he thinks that if you don't fight he will never give you what you want, in fact his teaching method is ruthless and aggressive. While Daniel has become a successful entrepreneur thanks to his kind and respectful way towards others, he is always helpful towards his employees and those he meets.

In addition to the two main characters, the cast includes Courtney Henggeler aka Amanda LaRusso, Daniel's wife, while Xolo MaridueƱa plays Miguel Diaz, Johnny's neighbor and student. Mary Mouser is Samantha LaRusso, Daniel's daughter while Tanner Buchanan is Robby Keene, Daniel's student and the son Johnny abandoned as a child.

How to watch Cobra Kai streaming on Netflix

The first two seasons of Cobra Kai are already available on Netflix in Italian. To watch them, all you need to do is choose a subscription to the service and access the app from an enabled device. The service is accessible from smart TVs, smartphones, tablets or computers. In addition, Netflix content can be viewed through the use of a console to be connected to the TV.

After starting the service, just search for the name of the TV series Cobra Kai and it will automatically appear. In many cases the series appears on the Home Page among the most viewed titles of the moment. Just select it and the first episode of the first season will start.