Coconuts are popping up in Fortnite … here’s what it is

The tropical fruit should stand alongside the apples, providing gamers 5 Shield Points and 5 HP for each bite

As often happens, members of the Fortnite community actively participate in the life of the game, proposing ideas for new skins, frequently anticipating news coming etc ... Just a few days ago two users of Reddit, LozanoMPD and AndrewisCoolio, have launched the concept for a new object. It is coconuts!

As for the other types of fruit within the title signed Epic Games, this should stand alongside the apples, granting gamers 5 Shield Points and 5 HP for each bite. Where to find coconuts? Surely within the woods, for example Wild Grove, or at the new area Languid Lagoon.

Of course, dear users, this is only a concept, so for the moment we will not see the tropical fruit in Fortnite. But the developers might decide to take inspiration from the community's idea and add new consumable items.

In the meantime, Epic Games has made the Laguna pack available for purchase on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC and Xbox One. We're talking about a small bundle full of tropical-themed content, for the sum of €4.99. By purchasing it, users will find 600 V-bucks to spend in the Fortnite store, the Laguna Costume, the "Pineapple Squeeze" decorative back and the Pineapple Cover.