Codacons denounces Facebook: stop mass negative reviews

The organization for the defense of consumer rights accuses the Facebook of not supervising the publication of false reviews

Another bad news for Facebook. The social network of Zuckerberg ends up again under accusation and to point the finger against the platform this time is Codacons, the association that defends the rights of consumers. The fault of Facebook? Do not fight the fake reviews.

The body of protection is in fact passed to the drastic measures, ready to denounce Facebook precisely because it would not do enough to curb the spread of fake news that target the pages and profiles of restaurants, hotels and other businesses. "These are groups of people who join on the social network - says the association in a note - in order to leave mass negative reviews, obviously false, on the Fb pages of clubs and restaurants". These comments, always referring to the words of the association, seriously damage the reputation of commercial activities.

The complaint of Codacons

Codacons therefore takes the field against Facebook. In order to contrast the false reviews published on the social network, the association will soon file a complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office and the Postal Police. According to Codacons, the measure will involve the administrators and members of these defamatory groups and obviously also the American company, accused, as the protection body claims, of "total lack of vigilance and control over the crimes perpetrated through the social network".

Class Action against Facebook

Codacons is collecting all the material necessary to carry out its measure and thus protect the reputation of damaged businesses. The association, however, will not stop only at the denunciation. The body, in fact, would also be ready to evaluate the possibility of launching a class action against Facebook together with the owners of the premises involved. A new problem then for Facebook that, after the fight against fake news, will have to deal also with false reviews.