Comau e.Do, the modular and open-source robot

A Turin-based company in collaboration with the Altran team has created Comau e.Do a modular, customizable and open-source robot to be used at home or in the office

Imagine a "do-it-yourself" robot, in the sense that it can be assembled directly on the couch at home, and born from an open-source project. Now don't imagine it anymore because we are talking about Comau e.Do, a project of the global leader in the industrial automation sector, Comau.

Among the objectives of the project there is also that of bringing users closer to the world of robotics. And to accomplish this, the developers have created software that instructs consumers on robot assembly, operation and maintenance. Comau e.Do, which was developed by the Turin-based company in collaboration with Altran's Italian team, is so easy to set up and use that the target user group may be teenagers. Ease of its use does not clash with the robot's potential, which is high performance, "enough to satisfy even an experienced engineer," say Comau.

Features of the robot

The robot is modular and open-source to encourage the sharing of applications and their development, through the growth of an e.Do community. The initial kit is composed of a series of pieces that each user will be able to assemble independently for functions and interests. This will allow over time to grow the community of users and the skills of the robot. Once assembled, the machine will be able to perform several actions by default. From gripping, to moving objects. It can also be used as a small vehicle. Thanks to its versatility, e.DO can be used in multiple areas. It can be used in schools to help students. But it can also be useful at home, to perform simple household tasks. Or in the office, to simulate and test work operations.


Each modular part of the robot can be custom configured, according to the user's needs. The beauty of this robot is that it can perform actions by relying on third-party applications. In fact, its components are in most cases compatible with apps external to Comau. To use it at home or in the office, all you have to do is set the standard operations that the robot has to perform from the very intuitive user interface. While the more experienced will be able to manually enter the complex actions to be performed by Comau e.Do.

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