Come usare le recensioni per rimanere in contatto con i propri clienti

Tra gli strumenti ad hoc per rimanere in contatto con i propri clienti ce n’è uno che è davvero importante: le recensioni online. Come gestirle e utilizzarle al meglio


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Restare in contatto coi propri clienti già acquisiti è fondamentale per poterli fidelizzare e ottenere nuove conversioni. Tra gli strumenti che ogni azienda può usare per mantenere vivo l’interesse per il proprio brand ce n’è uno particolarmente efficace: le recensioni online. Whether we want to or not, in fact, our customers are already talking about us to other people, and will continue to do so, on the web as well as live.

For this reason, the management of online reviews is a very important aspect that every brand should never underestimate. While a positive review is definitely a good virtual business card for one's business, even a well-managed negative opinion can be transformed from a disadvantage into an opportunity for the brand to repair its inefficiencies and regain contact with the disgruntled customer. What every business needs, therefore, is an effective customer management strategy that aims to increase brand reputation and at the same time generate new leads, thanks to the publicity that the opinion of a loyal customer can represent.

Reviews: why they are important for contacts

Every brand should be clear about how important its relationship with customers is. In this context, online reviews represent an excellent opportunity to stay in touch with customers, both existing and potential ones. This is because offering a review service on your site for the product or service you sell becomes a digital showcase. On the one hand, there are benefits for loyal customers, who can express themselves freely and have a comparison in the review forums, or get a direct response from the business and feel heard and understood.

On the other hand, there are potential customers: by reading the reviews they will have direct contact with the brand, they can get an idea and advised by other users can decide to buy a product or a service of the company. This allows you to understand how important is the management of the reviews that are left: the positive ones can consolidate the relationship, while a wise response to the disappointment of unhappy customers could reverse the consideration of the brand and bring them back on your side. This will give you a second chance, showing those who read the reviews how the company knows how to put itself on the line, rectify its mistakes and improve its services.

How to use reviews to stay in touch with customers

It is therefore clear that managing reviews requires careful planning on the part of a business. Businesses won't have to be afraid to ask for reviews from a customer who has just completed a purchase, in fact they may encourage them to write one to tell about their experience, whether positive or negative. This is because the brand should not fear reviews: for those who are organized, there will always be the right answer to consolidate or regain the trust of the customer.

For this reason, it is always important to thank customers who leave a positive online review. Even more so, take a polite attitude of true listening to customers who leave a negative one: before answering point by point, it will be necessary to understand what expectations were not met, whether there is room for improvement or recovery for the brand. It's different in the case of negative and false reviews: these should be crushed, highlighting doubts about the truthfulness, but always with education and respect.

Managing reviews is therefore a real job that requires time, research of where the opinions have been published and elaboration of a response for each of them. Therefore, online services that allow you to monitor the main review sites and respond to your customers, without forgetting any of them, so you can stay in touch with them, come to your aid. Among these is the Italiaonline Review Management service, which from a single control panel allows you to view opinions from different sites and respond easily.