Come usare un CRM per ottimizzare il business di un’azienda

Fidelizzare i propri clienti e ottenere nuovi contatti: come ampliare il proprio business usando un Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


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La fidelizzazione dei clienti e l’acquisizione di nuovi contatti passa da una ben pianificata gestione dei rapporti commerciali di un’azienda. Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is the management software that allows you to keep track of the contacts developed and expand the business of the brand.

Any self-respecting marketing strategy must also take into account the management of business relationships, both with potential customers and with those already loyal. To do this, you'll need to create address books with personal profiles of your existing customers, or to include new contacts from lead generation. Data in marketing are a precious currency: having updated address books and cards allows you to start email marketing campaigns, maintaining the customer-brand relationship with dedicated newsletters. Or even send SMS with the best offers or coupons with personalized discounts to customers already acquired. To better manage contact development, you need to understand what a CRM is and how to best use it.

CRM: what it is and how it can help a company

A Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a management software that allows you to develop the contacts of a company, allowing it to constantly improve its relationships with customers. A good CRM software should allow the creation of a repository to store all contact information relating to existing and potential customers, such as email, telephone number, products already purchased or details of an interest in a service. In this way, the data will be used to perform profiling of your contacts and understand what is the key to obtaining a conversion from a simple interest in the brand, i.e. the purchase of a product or service offered. By relying on a customized CRM, the company will be able to control statistical data, optimize its marketing strategy, as well as its productivity and see its business grow.

How to use a CRM and optimize customer relations

Using a customer relationship management software you will be able to better manage your contacts by merging master data into a centralized repository that can be used by staff at any time. The information also allows for better profiling, thanks to the display of the customer's order history or the products in which the potential buyer has expressed interest. A type of information that is essential to know how to "court" the customer and which promotions to offer.

Using a CRM for a company means having a tool that allows you to monitor the evolution of purchases over time and then optimize the marketing strategy, so that it is maximized effectiveness. The brand can easily understand which is the best channel to take care of its commercial relationships, choosing between planning email marketing campaigns and SMS, with ad hoc newsletters or SMS to draw attention to news. Alternatively, coupons with personalised discounts can be offered on the basis of profiling data, thus increasing the likelihood of a conversion.

Managing such a centralised repository necessarily requires an investment of time and resources, as well as good software that is easy to use. One such service is Italiaonline's CRM Contact Development which allows you to create an address book and coordinate email marketing, SMS and coupon campaigns effectively from one place, ensuring a strong relationship with the brand's past and future customers.